The film “St. Paisios: from Farasa to heaven!” with Russian subtitles

In January 2022, the historical and biographical series “Saint Paisios” was released on the MEGA channel. Through the efforts of Alexander from the telegram channel Greece in Russian This film received subtitles in Russian.

The series tells about the life of St. Paisios – from birth to the moment when he decided to take the tonsure. Written by Yorgos Tsiakkas, directed by Stamos Tsamis. The series presents the life of the Monk Paisius and his family, describes his path to monasticism. Filming took place where Saint Paisios lived, in Konitsa and on Mount Athos. Modern saint. A wonderful person who enlightened a huge number of people with his spiritual speech.

Series content

The story begins with the birth of St. Paisios, in the world of Arseniy Eznepidis, in Farah Cappadocia. After the Lausanne Congress, the family of little Arseniy is exiled and sent as refugees to Greece. Little Arseniy grew up in Konitsa in Epirus, his grandmother and mother passed on to him a deep faith in Christ and love for his neighbor. He grew up on the stories of the Monk Arseny, and from a young age he had a desire to follow the monastic path. In 1945 he left for the army, where he served as a telegraph operator.

After demobilization, he goes to Athos. But soon, for family reasons, he returned to Konitsa, where he remained for three years. He finally returns to Athos in March 1953 and stays at the monastery of Esfigmene. For three years he ends up in the monastery of Philotheus, where he takes tonsure and takes the name Paisios. He sends a photo of his mother, saying goodbye to her and saying that the Blessed Virgin Mary has become his mother.

Cast: Nikitas Tsakiroglu, Smaragda Smirneu, Dimitris Xanfopoulos, Christina Pavlidou Dimitris Imellos, Drosos Skotis, Despina Gadziou
As Saint Paisios Prokopis Agathocleous
In the role of Elder Cyril Yorgos Armenis
In the role of the shepherd Fedor Yannis Stankoglu
As Rector Kallinikos Kostas Apostolakis
As Jorgena’s aunt Rinio Chiriasi
In the role of Arseniy Eznepidis Paisiy Exarchos.

SEVEN episodes of the popular Greek multi-part film “Saint Paisios: from Faras to Heaven!” with RUSSIAN translation, so that Russian speakers also have the opportunity to watch this wonderful film about the life of a great saint of our time.
With God’s help, we will try to translate all the episodes of this wonderful film. Save me, God †

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