President of the U.S.A "going crazy"but unable to cope with Erdogan

Critics of the Turkish president in Congress and around Biden demand increased pressure on him. But, according to The New York Times, the American president can do nothing with him.

Erdogan “drives Joe Biden crazy” in many ways, although he played a key role in unlocking Ukrainian grain: he continues to block Sweden and Finland from joining NATO, cannot agree on the supply of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey, “rolled” in Iran for trilateral talks with the heads of Russia and Iran. And last Friday, he raised concerns in the White House about threats to launch a new invasion of northern Syria against US-backed Kurdish forces.

When Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain on Friday, July 22, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan played the role of a benevolent statesman. He said the deal Turkey helped to negotiate would benefit “all of humanity.” The White House welcomed the news that an agreement has been signed that could alleviate the global food crisis, exacerbated by the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and the blockade of Ukrainian ports.

However, officials expressed doubts that Moscow was acting in good faith and that Russia fired a missile through the Ukrainian port city of Odessa in less than a day after the signing of the contract. Nevertheless, a White House spokesman praised Erdogan for his efforts.

But Erdogan remains a major annoyance to Biden administration officials. The President of the United States can’t do anything about it. As writes The New York TimesErdogan “has a unique position as a Turkish leader as a military ally that is often at odds with the agenda of his Western allies. For US officials, this is an often maddening role.”

And the impotence of the United States against Erdogan is caused by Turkey’s key role at the junction of West and East – geographically and geopolitically. This was also confirmed during the conclusion of the “grain deal”. Erdogan’s critics demand that the White House increase pressure on him, but so far Washington’s policy in this situation is at an impasse, the publication states.

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