Child-killer mother to face trial again

The mother of three girls who died one after another under strange circumstances, Rula Pispirigo will again appear before the investigator on Monday 25 July.

A case is pending in which the judiciary alleges that months before 9-year-old Georgina received a lethal dose of ketamine given to her by her mother, the first attempt to kill her first-born daughter took place.

Temporarily detained for the murder of a child, today she will appear in the court of Evelpidon to present her version of what happened to the investigator Kristina Salapa. The charges were filed against Rule Pispirigou a few days ago, after which she was given a few days to prepare her defense, reports

accusation in the second felony against a 33-year-old woman brought by the prosecutor of first instance, Georgios Nulis, and based on evidence from the dossier, which is in the hands of the judge, about Georgina’s wanderings from hospital to hospital, until, in January 2022, she died from a toxic substance, which, presumably, gave her mother.

The attempted murder, for which Rula Pispirigo will answer today, concerns what happened at the Caramandanio hospital in Patras in April 2021. According to the indictment, the mother’s first attempt to poison her daughter caused irreversible damage to the child’s health. And, in the end, after a while, Georgina died, once again going to the hospital. For her part, her mother, Rula Pispirigo, denies all the accusations against her, arguing that she was not involved in the death of a child in a hospital ward.

The lawsuit addresses the period from April 8, 2021, when Georgina was placed in Caramandanio. According to the authorities, the parents of the child allegedly had an appointment with lawyers that day in order to formalize the divorce. Just 18 days before, the youngest girl of the Daskalaki family, 6-month-old Irida, died. And in 2019, Georgina also lost her 3.5-year-old sister Malena.

On the date indicated, the little girl was admitted to the hospital, and the mother told the doctors that Georgina had convulsions. The tests performed on the child did not confirm the pathological condition. However, on April 11, 2021, the child suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest, which the mother reported to the doctors in a manner, as indicated in the case file, very calm, given the seriousness of the situation.. The incident was resolved when a nurse saw Georgina’s bruises and alerted the doctors. Doctors brought the child back to life after 50 minutes, but the girl developed hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and, as a result, paralysis of the lower extremities.

The case of Rula Pispirigo is under investigation to see if she was involved in the deaths of her other two children. They are handled by prosecutors Apostolos Andreou and Antonis Eleftherianos. It seems that after the written explanation given by the woman as a suspect in the deaths of her other two children, the prosecutor’s office is ready to move on to the next step to complete the investigation.

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