Aspropyrgos: Impartial camera captures arsonist

The camera “caught” the man responsible for the fire that broke out near the houses, and the desperate struggle of the Greek firefighters with the fire continues.

Documentary evidence of criminal acts published by OREN. The video clearly shows how a man deliberately sets fire to dry grass, in the middle of which a large tree rises. Given the heat and strong wind, the fire breaks out instantly.

A few minutes walk from this place is a forested area and Mount Egaleo. The lives of residents of nearby houses are under real threat, as are their homes. People living here complain that this is not the first time their homes have been threatened by fire.

Meanwhile, fires continue to rage in Greece. As of yesterday evening (no new data yet), the difficult situation is in Dadia National Park, on Lesbos, in Cresten Ilia. Fires continue in Tsakatura in Grevena, in the municipality of Phaistos in Heraklion in Crete, in Sayada in Thesprotia.

Difficult situation in the Dadia forest in Soufli-Evros: 320 firefighters, 13 foot groups, 68 vehicles are constantly fighting the fire. During daylight hours, 10 aircraft and 13 helicopters take part in extinguishing the fire.

A very dangerous fire continues in Lesvos, which began in the Kastri region. 81 firefighters, 5 foot groups, 20 water vehicles, volunteers work there. 7 planes and 1 helicopter extinguish the fire from the air, says

The morning fire report does not inspire optimism. Fires are raging on Evros, Lesbos and Ilia, firefighters fought the fire all night. Meanwhile new fire broke out today in a grassy area in the northeast of Menidos Pellas, there are 38 firefighters, 1 foot team, 9 cars and 1 helicopter.

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