Investigation into brutal beating of protesters by police

Internal Investigation Service EL.AS continues to investigate complaints of excessive police violence in Exarchia following the release of the videos.

Police fired tear gas at protesters in Exarchia with rocket-propelled grenades over a recent attempted rape of a woman in the area. 56 people were detained. Videos circulating online show excessive police brutality.

Tensions erupted shortly after 8 pm when police prevented an anti-rape march after a pre-announced gathering of protesters. Police say some participants threw rocks and objects at the police.

It should be noted that only ten days ago, the political leadership of the police proudly declared that seated first 2500 cops”at the desks” to give them behavior lessons, anger management, as well as criminal law police operations and lawful use of weapons. However, as can be seen from the video documents, some there is an urgent need for intensive courses.

First video as reported AUGI reporter Kostas Papantoniou, taken from Tzavella Street, when nothing happened to justify the police attack: policemen from the ΑΜΕΣΗ ΔΡΑΣΥ group attacked people at the scene. The protesters tried to escape and tried to enter a residential building to protect themselves from unprovoked violence by the police, but the latter broke the glass in the entrance of the apartment building and made at least two arrests.

Then at least one policeman with a Glock pistol in his hand breaks the glass of an apartment building . “Out, now!” police screams are heard. It is worth noting that the apartment building is inhabited, in particular, by the president of the workers of Agios Savvas, Spyros Vassiliou, and the writer Dimitris Cekuras.

The second video from shows how the police take the protesters out of the apartment building and arrest them.

A video by Avga correspondent Kostas Papantoniou shows how Moscow Art Theater employees hitting a protester in the head while the latter was arrested and already immobilized. The incident was recorded on Solomu Street.

ELASafter the release of the video and the outrage caused by it, announced that an administrative investigation had been ordered, while the relevant video was transferred by the State Security Sub-Directory to the Athenian Public Prosecutor’s Office for a criminal assessment, so there is no information on how the investigation is progressing.

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