July 14, 2024

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Battle with fire in Lesvos, two houses and a restaurant burned down in Vater

Fiery hell in the coastal resort Vatera. The first houses have already fallen victim to the fire.

Since the morning the fire has been blazing in Mytilene. The situation is aggravated by a strong wind, rapidly spreading it farther and threatening residential buildings, two of which have already burned down. A Coast Guard boat rescued tourists and residents from the beach.

Taxiarchis Verros, the mayor of West Lesbos, says the catering shop has also burned down:

“We did everything necessary for the evacuation, we activated the bus to safely evacuate people. Given the direction of the wind that is blowing now and the picture that I have from the front, I think it is unlikely that more houses will not burn down.”

The mayor says that initially there were two fire fronts, but then they joined, and the wind drove the fire to the village of Vatera. The fire almost reached the sea. Police and firefighters are checking every house to make sure residents have evacuated. The fire has already engulfed Vateru and is causing destruction.

Service 112 sent a message earlier to the residents of the Vatera region with a request to evacuate in the direction of Polichnito. The forces to extinguish the fire are constantly increasing. According to updated data, 50 firefighters with 2 teams of foot groups and 17 vehicles are working at the scene of the fire. Air support is provided by seven aircraft and a helicopter, volunteers are actively involved, water carriers are provided by local authorities.

During a major fire in Lesvos, shocking moments were recorded when Vatera resembled a “fiery hell” rather than a tourist destination.

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