December 1, 2023

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Ukraine threatens Greece with… sanctions

Ukraine demanded an explanation from Greece why seven Greek companies, mainly shipping companies, cooperate with Russia. In the text of the letter sent on behalf of the government, Ukraine threatened Greece with the imposition of sanctions!

Ukrainian media, immediately hit Greeceaccusing her of being helps Putin.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has publicly criticized Greek shipowners on several occasions for allowing their tankers to be loaded with Russian oil. “This is happening at a time when another Russian energy source [газ] used as a weapon against Europe and against the family budget of every European. This is not in the interests of either Europe, or Greece, or Ukraine,” he said during one of his speeches in early July, the Ukrainian edition reports. LigaNet.

At the same time, Greece, which supplied hundreds of millions of euros worth of weapons to Ukraine (to the detriment of its own defense capability) and took in more than 30,000 refugees, itself suffers greatly from the sanctions imposed on it by the United States and the European Union. As a result, the country is now one of the leaders of the European Union in terms of inflation and rising fuel prices, groceries, gas, electricity, etc.

conciliatory position of the Mitsotakis government regarding the anti-Russian actions that led to the fact that Greece fell into the Russian list of “unfriendly countries”it seems, turned the head of Zelensky, who clearly imagines himself the ruler of the world.

Government, which invited speak Zelensky in the Greek Parliament, and he invited the neo-Nazis of Azov to live, which led to a serious political scandal and affected the rating of the ruling party,

the government which sent Ukraine much-needed BMP-1s to Greece, and which Greece is now forced to withdraw from the islands during a tense situation with Turkey,

the government which sent to Ukraine thousands of 122mm rockets, anti-aircraft FIM-92 Stingers and anti-tank RPG-18s, and much more worth more than 250 million euros,

the government which took over 30 thousand refugees from Ukraine, which constantly helps Ukraine with humanitarian aid and money,

the government which expelled 12 diplomats Russia and joined all conceivable and unthinkable sanctions, asking Russia to the detriment of its own economy, now began to threaten sanctions if it does not prohibit shipowners from transporting Russian oil and gas.

The fact is that some Greek shipowners (among others, the companies of Yiannis Alafouzos, Andreas Martinos, Nikos Tsakos, Pantelis Kollakis, Giorgos Ikonomou, Vangelis Marinakis, Angelika Fragou, Nicolas Inglesis, etc.) enter into contracts that do not violate international law or sanctions against Russia. Moreover, most of the shipping companies owned by these people do not have Greek jurisdiction at all, which means that the Greek state cannot actually put pressure on them.

Greek shipowners are described as “the main blood donors of the Russian economy and accomplices in the murders of children by the Russian armed forces” … It is estimated that from 80 to 100 Greek-owned tankers transport fuel from Russia to European ports.

The sequel was to be expected: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, represented by N. Dendias, summoned the Ambassador of Ukraine in Athens, Sergei Shutenko, with a demand to give an explanation to this letter. In response, the Ukrainian ambassador replied that he was “following the order of the Ukrainian government.”

Greek shipowners benefited from the ban on sailing of Russian ships outside Russia, who hastened to conclude contracts for the transportation, mainly, of oil from the Baltic and Black Seas to the countries of Europe and the Far East.

Greek shipowners insured tankers at increased premiums against war risks and offered to be a sea carrier and supply all ports of the world with Russian oil at a sixfold rate.

Interestingly, the Greek Foreign Ministry did not try to ask the Ambassador of Ukraine a question – what about gas pipeline, which passes through the territory of Ukraine? After all, it flows aggressive Russian gas, on which Russia earns its bloody billions. Of course you covered it. Or is it still not?

And also the question why Ukraine did not impose sanctions on China, India, USA or Turkey, finally, who still buy Russian oil products (and not only). Or is it all about Mitsotakis, who looks like a whipping boy in Zelensky’s eyes?

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