Skopelos: 1.5-year-old boy’s fingers amputated

A terrible situation happened on the island of Skopelos: the baby severely injured his fingers on his hand.

A severely injured child had to be transported from Skopelos to Volos yesterday afternoon for emergency admission to a hospital. However, doctors could not cope with the problem of repairing crushed fingers, as a result of which the one and a half year old baby had to undergo a partial amputation.

According to, the injured child was taken away at about 4:30 pm on July 21 by representatives of the Volos port administration, arriving on a boat to the scene. Currently, additional details about how it all happened (and where the child’s parents were when he received such an injury and will now become disabled) are not reported.

Presumably, the child’s hand was pinched by the door. British doctors warn that the injuries that children get when their fingers are pinched in the door can bother them for the rest of their lives. They can even lead to amputation, not to mention prolonged pain. Doctors advise parents to take care of the safety of children and equip the doors of the house with special means.

Every year, 30,000 children get their fingers caught in the door, more than 1,500 of them need surgery. These are the data of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Door hinges, car doors, and room doors are the most common causes of injury to children’s fingers and hands.

Parents are advised to place small C-shaped devices made of foam or rubber on the door to prevent such injuries.

“We usually underestimate how important the hands are during daily activities such as typing, tying shoelaces, using a mobile phone, eating. All this is very difficult to do if fingers have been injured,” said Anna De Leo, a surgeon and spokeswoman for the association. .

And doctors also warn about careful attitude to the fingertips, because if injured, their hand can lose 20% of its strength.

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