Athenian prosecutor’s office demanded a review of the decision to release the rapist Lignadis

The Athenian Prosecutor’s Office has begun filing an appeal against the two parts of the first instance court’s decision against the convicted pedophile, juvenile rapist and former artistic director of the National Theatre, Dimitris Lygnadis.

The prosecutor’s office demanded a review of the decision on his release from prison on bail, as well as a trial in the Court of Appeal on three counts of rape, where he will face the possibility of being sentenced to longer terms than those given to him in the court of first instance.

In particular, the prosecutor of the appellate instance, Vasiliki Halva, who was instructed by the head of the appellate prosecutor’s office, Maria Gane, to study the decision of the court of first instance in relation to the actor and director, began to consider the appeal, deciding that in two cases the court of first instance made the wrong decision.

As we reported earlier, the judges of the Mixed Criminal Court of Athens voted 4 in favor and 3 against decision about a solution unthinkable for Greecewhen pedophile and juvenile rapist Dimitris Lignadis, after the verdict by which he was sentenced by the age of 12 imprisonment, should be released in the courtroom.

This decision caused a storm of indignation in society. The Minister of Culture said that everything that is happening is the machinations of SYRIZA. She was supported by the leadership of the Athens Bar Association, characterizingas “criminal populists”, those who claim to be a rapist.

It is reported that the Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal Vassiliki Halva filed an appeal against Dimitris Lignadiy’s acquittal by a 5:2 majority in favor of the first plaintiff.

The court of first instance acquitted Dimitris Lignadis on this charge. due to doubts of a minority of two jurorswho were of the opinion that the director should be found guilty of this act.

Let’s see who will be stronger in this scandalous process: administrative resource and the principle of “we do not hand over our own” or justice …

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