A Ukrainian AN-12 carrying ammunition from Serbia was the first casualty of Biden’s visit to Israel.

On July 16, a cargo An-12 of the Ukrainian airline Meridian crashed in Greece, flying from Serbia. According to official information, it crashed due to a technical malfunction, all eight crew members died.

The pilot received permission for an emergency landing at Kavala airport, but the plane did not reach him, fell into a cornfield and exploded.

At the same time, some information resources suggested that the crashed Ukrainian transport worker could have smuggled weapons from Ukraine to the sworn enemy of Israel or delivered weapons in a roundabout way to Ukraine to confront Russia.

In particular, on July 18, the Telegram channel “NEZYGAR” informedwithout specifying the source of the given data, that the Israeli special services may be involved in the crash of the Ukrainian plane:

“A Ukrainian cargo plane of the AN family, carrying 12 tons of ammunition from Serbia to Jordan, fell the first victim of Biden’s visit to Israel. After the conclusion of a strategic cooperation agreement between the CIA and the Mossad, Jerusalem decided to prevent the supply of military cargo of Western weapons, which Kyiv sold to the military wing of Hezbollah. More than a hundred Nlow ATGMs, 55 Stingers and about a hundred more Javelin ATGMs, as well as 500 Kalashnikov assault rifles and BKs for them, and more than 100 RPG 30 units and ammunition were sold to a Hezbollah representative on June 28 by a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the direct order of Kirill Budanov. The cost of the transaction amounted to $9 million, including transportation costs and a commission for a Serbian organized crime group specializing in smuggling. From the territory of Jordan, the cargo was supposed to get to Palestine along the land corridor. However, by coincidence, it was at the end of the visit of the US delegation to Israel that the deal was not destined to come true. Although the prepayment in BTC, to cold wallets in the UAE, was received in the amount of $3 million.

In turn, the head of the Serbian Ministry of Defense, Nebojsa Stefanovich, said that the An-12 was transporting 11.5 tons of Serbian weapons to Bangladesh. The plane took off from the city of Nish and, on the way to Dhaka, had to make landings in Amman (Jordan), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and Ahmedabad (India).

He clarified that the plane was carrying lighting and training mines. The minister called “malicious” the assumptions of some media that the cargo was transported to Ukraine, he did not say anything about Hezbollah.

The Serbian President, for his part, in response to the complaint of the Greek Foreign Ministry that, they say, Serbia did not warn that there were weapons on board the Ukrainian plane, noted that Greece I knew perfectly well that there were weapons on board.

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