10 + 1 food that completely discourage appetite

“I’ll start the diet on Monday,” most people tell themselves as they find it hard to control their hunger. However, there are foods that can “curb” the appetite by closing the door on unnecessary calories and suppressing the craving for snacking.

The following “delicious suggestions” not only fill you up by keeping the stomach full, but also keep us going for at least four hours after eating.

1. Boiled eggs.

Nutrients and proteins of boiled eggs can satisfy hunger and satiate. Eating more egg white is recommended as it contains only 16 calories and no cholesterol. In contrast, egg yolks are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, so they should be consumed in moderation.

2. Oat bran.

A medical center in Canada has proven that those who eat insoluble fiber, such as oat bran (пλιγούρι βρώμης), manage to curb their appetite and lean. “This is because the product slows down the digestion process, which makes you feel full longer,” explains Susan Kraus, clinical nutritionist at Hackensack Medical University Ιατρικό Πανεπιστήμιο Hackensack. Add a few spoonfuls to a bowl, top with kefir or low-fat (and unsweetened) yogurt, add berries or a couple of seasonal fruits. This will be a hearty and healthy breakfast.

3. Mint.

Grab some fresh mint… and smell it! According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, Director of Smell and Taste Therapy at Chicago, the characteristic smell of mint turns off appetite by acting on nerve receptors in the nose. The released hormones alert the brain that “the stomach is full”, even if it is not! Alternatively, drink mint tea, buy mint-scented candles, and chew mint-flavoured gum.

4. Almonds.

Drink two glasses of water and eat a handful of nuts, such as 6 walnuts, 12 almonds, or 20 peanuts. Within 20 minutes, you will feel that the feeling of hunger has “turned off”, and your appetite has decreased. Almonds contain the amino acid phenylalanine, which signals the release of a certain hormone responsible for slowing down digestion. This “snack”, which contains only 10 grams of fat, reduces appetite in less than half an hour.

5. Popcorn.

Unsalted popcorn without oil can fill your stomach, but it contains very few calories. Have you heard that popcorn makes you fat? Of course, yes. However, it all depends on how it is prepared. In particular, with two or three handfuls of popcorn, you can best fool your hunger (fill your stomach).

6. Chili pepper.

Hot peppers added to scrambled eggs or salads significantly reduce appetite, as they contain capsaicin, a natural substance that promotes weight loss and speeds up metabolism. Roasted, baked or fresh chili peppers are considered the right choice during the diet.

7. Avocado.

An avocado halves as an addition to lunch is enough to limit snacking throughout the day. In particular, researchers from Loma Linda University in California have shown that avocados, rich in fat, affect hunger, blood sugar levels and insulin production. In an experiment with 26 people, those who ate avocado with meals, decreased appetite by 40% over the next three hours and by 28% over the next five hours. After all, half an avocado contains only 160 calories and is rich in fiber, potassium and vitamins C, K and B6.

8. Soy milk.

The proteins and fiber present in soy milk make it one of the best solutions for maintaining that “full stomach” feeling. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a high-protein diet curbed hunger and resulted in approximately 441 fewer calories to consume than those who chose other types of diets. According to the University of California, Davis, fiber releases cholecystokinin (CCK) from the small intestine, a hormone that relays the satiety message to the brain.

9. Soup.

Chicken, fish, and any liquid soup in general can balance appetite hormones and curb overeating cravings, thanks to their high water content and complex carbohydrates. Soup fills the stomach, stretching its walls, which sends a signal to the cerebral cortex about the saturation of the body. If you eat it slowly with a spoon (for more than 20 minutes), a feeling of satiety comes. Throw some hot spices into the soup as well. Scientists have proven that, for example, cayenne pepper makes people consume 60 fewer calories and burn 10 more calories than other seasonings.

10. Apple and banana.

Apples have insoluble fiber that suppresses hunger and is an ideal “filler” for the stomach. Juicy red fruits contain natural sugars that stabilize blood sugar levels, thereby saving you from lethargy and overeating. So eat apples safely for 24 hours!

11. Turkey.

The dominant component of turkey is tryptophan, an amino acid that enters the brain and is then converted to serotonin. The latter causes a feeling of satiety and does not force you to open the refrigerator every twenty minutes.

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