Like a photo of a Mask from a vacation in Mykonos trolls on the Internet

The public could not miss Musk’s move to Mykonos.

And of course, the haters on it hard “went through the paver”, commenting very bad photoswho managed to make the paparazzi and put it on the Internet for everyone to see.

In one of the pictures, the billionaire is captured on a boat in bathing shorts. Social media users were quick to comment on both his physique and white skin. Various memes with his photo appeared on the network, the Greek edition writes.

Nevertheless, Musk turned out to be a man with a sense of humor, did not get angry at the boorish remarks addressed to him under the photo (with the dog) and replied: “But my calves will be bigger.”

Regarding another picture posted by the girl, the billionaire was quick to comment again, writing: “Maybe I should take my shirt off more often.”


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