Horror in Patras: drugged and gang raped

A 39-year-old woman reported a gang rape under the influence of drugs to the authorities, and the perpetrators were arrested. A similar incident occurred in Thessaloniki.

Police in the Achaean capital made two arrests after a woman testified that she was the victim of rape by two men she knew in the early hours of Sunday 17 July. The woman went to the University Hospital of Rio, where she reported the incident to the doctors, and Patras Security was immediately notified of this.

According to the alleged victim, two men, aged 32 and 47, with whom she had previously “had a good time”, took her to the house of one of them in Patras and after which, allegedly, gave her a drug without her knowledge and then raped her.

During the investigation, the police located the men and arrested them. According to the information, the detainees deny the charges, confessing to drug use and sexual intercourse. However, according to them, “everything happened in good faith and with consent.”

The men will be taken to the prosecutor’s office on charges of gang rape. The results of the toxicological examination to which the applicant was subjected are pending in order to establish whether she has taken a narcotic substance. However, it is noted that during a search conducted by the police in the house where the violence occurred, no traces of drugs were found.

A similar complaint was received by the Thessaloniki police. A 28-year-old foreigner was arrested by the Tumba-Triandria security police and charged with rape and violation of the law on addictive substances.

A complaint was received from a 24-year-old citizen: the detainee, with whom she had recently been on friendly terms, early in the morning the day before, in the house where she lived, committed violent sexual acts against her. A search of the residence revealed 748.55 grams of raw hemp, an unidentified white powder, an electronic scale and packaging materials. Some amount of cash (euro and dollars) was also found. The detainee was brought to the competent judicial authorities.

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