12 support measures for fire victims

According to a statement by Deputy Prime Minister Christos Triandopoulos regarding measures to support fire victims in Penteli and other areas this month,

“The Greek Government, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Development and Investment, in cooperation with the competent Ministries of the Interior, Infrastructure and Transport, Rural Development and Food, as well as local authorities, will intensify a series of measures to support households and businesses in areas affected from fire in Attica and other areas in July 2022, after the declaration of a state of emergency in the areas and their delimitation by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.”

Support measures in detail:

1. Suspension of tax liabilities

In areas where a state of emergency has been declared, in order to eliminate emergency situations and manage the consequences of a fire, the payment of all pending and confirmed tax liabilities, both for legal entities and for affected individuals, is suspended. In particular, with the issuance of the relevant resolution, details are provided for extending the repayment periods for the confirmed debts of individuals and legal entities of the territories, in strict limitation, only those affected by the fire.

2. Compensation for essential household needs and household items

Households affected by the fire, in cooperation with the municipalities, will be paid sums of money, in accordance with the registration of damages through the Ministry of the Interior. It is, in particular, responsible for the payment of compensation, which is:

  1. financial assistance in the amount of 600 euros to each household whose main place of residence was affected to cover their basic needs,
  2. in addition to this amount, families with many children who have suffered damage are supported in the form of an additional 600 euros,
  3. affected families receive additional financial support in the amount of 600 euros for each of their members who are a person with special needs,
  4. financial support of up to €6,000 per household to repair or replace household items in the main affected home,
  5. financial assistance of 4,500 euros for people who have become disabled as a result of an injury resulting from a natural disaster. This financial assistance to victims of natural disasters is irrevocable.

3. Providing housing assistance to individuals and legal entities for the restoration of buildings and structures within the allocated territory.

By a joint ministerial decision of the ministries involved, the affected areas are demarcated and housing assistance is provided for the repair/reconstruction of buildings through the GDAEFK of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Housing assistance, which consists of a free state aid (80%) and an interest-free loan (20%) guaranteed by the Greek state, is provided to the owners of affected buildings and up to a maximum limit of 150 sq. m. of the total area of ​​their property, in order to restore them (repair or reconstruction, depending on the damage they caused). This measure is financed by the State Investment Program.

4. First aid for housing assistance

In accordance with the provisions of the institutional framework of state assistance, citizens affected by fire can, through the arogi.gov.gr platform, apply for first aid for housing assistance for fire-damaged buildings, after appropriate checks by competent services, with a prepayment of up to 14,000 euros .

5. Subsidy for businesses affected by the fire

In accordance with the existing institutional structure of Law 4797/2021 (Government Gazette A΄ 66/23.04.2021) the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the compensation of businesses affected by natural disasters, in cooperation with the region, which sets up relevant committees that, in order to assess the damage in each business . In particular, the provision of part of the assessed damage includes damage to construction sites, mechanical equipment, raw materials, goods and damaged company vehicles, while agricultural holdings are included in the same context. Thus, by promoting, in cooperation with the Region, the process of assessing losses in enterprises and agricultural holdings, an advance in the amount of the estimated damage can be provided immediately, and after the completion of the assessment process, the final percentage of the subsidy in relation to the estimated damage can also be provided. Finally, with regard to agricultural holdings, the plant input subsidy scheme will be activated for agricultural holdings affected by state aid, through cooperation between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and ELGA.

6. Exemption from ENFIA for three years

Buildings beyond their respective site, located in areas that will be declared a fire emergency and that are proven to be completely destroyed or have suffered functional damage making them uninhabitable, may be exempt from ENFIA. for 2022-2023-2024, provided that at that moment the right of ownership or real right to property belongs to the taxpayer of this year. In this context, the Ministry of Finance is working closely with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to facilitate and speed up the relevant process.

7. Suspension of enforcement actions

In accordance with the relevant provision of Law 4797/2021, a ministerial decision may be issued to suspend the execution of any act of enforcement against the movable or immovable property of persons affected by the fire. In particular, in relation to individuals and legal entities, as well as legal entities entitled to a special measure, the execution of any act of enforcement in respect of their movable or immovable property is suspended for six (6) months, with the exception of a claim for the recovery of alimony. The suspension applies in particular to auctions, confiscation, expulsion and personal reservations. During a six-month period, the time limits for the application of remedies and assistance related to pending enforcement proceedings are suspended.

8. Regulation and suspension of premiums

In cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and in continuation of the relevant Joint Ministerial Demarcation of Boundaries, to be issued by decision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the affected businesses located in the areas to be delineated as affected by the fire. In particular, it provides:

  1. capitalization of overdue insurance premiums until the end of the month preceding the natural disaster (after the additional charge of commissions, interest, surcharges and other fees),
  2. suspension of payment of current insurance premiums for six (6) months,

9. Subsidy for rent/housing

By joint decision of the Ministers of Finance, Development and Investment and Transport and Infrastructure, once affected areas are demarcated, a rental/share subsidy may be provided to cover the cost of temporary housing for permanent residents whose homes have been affected by the fires.

10. Accommodation victims of the fire in Attica in hotel rooms.

For the citizens of Attica whose houses were damaged by the fire, in cooperation with the Ministry of Climate Crises and Civil Protection and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, a hospitality mechanism was activated so that the victims could be accommodated in hotel rooms.

11. Support for farmers from ELGA

ELGA, in continuation of emergency funding from the Treasury, will support farmers whose production has been affected by fires in the context of ELGA’s ruling compensation.

12. Emergency funding for local governments

The Ministry of the Interior, in cooperation with local governments, will start emergency funding – if necessary – for municipalities and regions to cover the first needs to cover damage to networks and infrastructures.

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