July 15, 2024

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ΕΛΣΤΑΤ: progress in tourism indicators

The Greek National Statistical Office notes an increase in the number of overnight stays in tourist sites last year by 92% compared to 2020.

Poll ΕΛΣΤΑΤin 2021, compared to the previous year, there was increase in arrivals by 78.3%, and an increase number of overnight stays by 92% (accommodation in hotel-type real estate and campsites, including short-term), writes iefimerida.gr.

There is an increase in arrivals and overnight stays of foreigners by 125.3% and 124.9%, respectively, as well as an increase in arrivals and overnight stays of citizens of the country by 22.4% and 21.9%, respectively. Total hotel occupancy (excluding campsites) was 42.9% compared to 29.6% in 2020, respectively.

From the data obtained for 2021, it follows that 75.5% of arrivals and 81.4% of overnight stays in hotels, campsites and collective accommodation in apartments (short-term rentals) occurred between July and October.

Regions also saw significant growth in data:

  • in the South Aegean region (101.2% of arrivals and 97.2% of overnight stays),
  • Crete (111.4% of arrivals and 120.8% of overnight stays),
  • Attica (67.0% of arrivals and 61.6% of overnight stays),
  • Central Macedonia (81.6% of arrivals and 130% of overnight stays).

According to ΕΛΣΤΑΤ, the largest share of accommodation traffic comes from foreigners (68.6% of all arrivals and 79.7% of all overnight stays). The largest share of foreigners in tourist real estate was European citizens (89.3% of arrivals and 93.7% of overnight stays), with the European Union member states making the largest contribution (69.5% of arrivals and 72.9% of overnight stays).

Germany (20.1% of arrivals and 24.1% of overnight stays) and France (10.3% of arrivals and 8.6% of overnight stays) led the way, while of the rest of Europe, the UK ranked first with (9.3% arrivals and 10.2% of overnight stays).

From the rest of Europe, in absolute terms, there was an increase in the arrivals of citizens of the UK (24% of arrivals and 21.1% of overnight stays) and Russia (770.3% of arrivals and 885.4% of overnight stays).

As for the arrivals of travelers from other continents, a significant increase in the indicator is observed in relation to citizens of America and, in particular, the United States (557.3% of arrivals and 487% of overnight stays).

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