September 22, 2023

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Pronews: The strange connection between wind farms and forest fires

The fire that broke out in the vicinity of Megara, in a strange way, repeats the location of the sites for which earlier applications for the construction of wind farms were submitted. The arson control agency (DAEE) took up the issue, but will the culprits be found?

The fire that started in Megara has gone out of control and is reaching dangerous proportions. The fire is moving at high speed towards Alepochori, from which it is located 5 kilometers, as well as towards the already destroyed, from the point of view of ecology, mountains of Gerania, while north / northwest winds blow, with an intensity of 6-7 Beaufort points.

The fire is moving south, on the way to Alepochori, and firefighters are fighting to stop its spread and threat to homes.

The firefighters include 95 firefighters, 3 groups of foot units, 34 vehicles, 7 aircraft and 7 helicopters (before dark), one of which is designed to coordinate actions from the air. Volunteer firefighters, local water carriers and ΕΛ.ΑΣ.

Authors of the publication Pronews draw a parallel of the current fire with those raging in May 2021, as well as in 2018 and 2019. Local investigators and units of the Arson Control Authority (DAEE) are investigating the causes of the fires, and residents in these areas fear that a “natural” disaster will lead to the construction of huge wind farm parks.

Coincidentally, until 1986, fires in this area were quite rare and began after the start of construction of wind farms!

The fact is that the mountain peaks of Gerania (NATURA 2000), which until today were covered with virgin forests, with the exception of the Megali Rakhi (Paliovuna) section that burned down two years ago, were still an obstacle to “wind farms”. The mountains of Gerania were the last green wall between Attica and Corinth. They are burned down one night in July 2018. The environmental damage is huge. The fauna of the region was almost completely exterminated.

The sheer size of industrial-type wind turbine production units, as well as the supporting infrastructure of the project, wide roads for the movement of heavy vehicles, high-voltage power lines and supports for them with the necessary substations – everything that was needed for this biblical catastrophe to materialize. The power industry based on brown coal was replaced by renewable “wind energy” (albeit not for long. Approx. Editorial).

The RAE (Energy Regulatory Authority), relevant ministers and government policies in the last decade in particular have created a privileged environment that has allowed any household energy autonomy to be discredited by pointing out the bleak landscape of the coal mines, and promoting renewable energy as a partner in developing a giant political plan for “renewable energy”.

Using the image of “ecology” as a mask, they are slowly and steadily destroying the environment in order to plant “wind farms”.

Let’s look at the map with license applications in Gerania:

Areas where “wind farms” have been blocked due to forest nature:


And here (below) are the sections that burned down, apparently by accident:


To eliminate any possibility of “evil” thoughts, the government should immediately declare the area renewable and make it clear that no wind farms will be installed. Unless, of course, they have such a desire …

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