Greek fur shops close due to sanctions against Russia

A catastrophic situation has developed in the Greek fur industry. It is no secret that the main buyers of luxury fur coats were both Russian tourists and enterprises in the Russian Federation. The anti-Russian sanctions adopted by Greece together with other EU countries have put a “fat cross” on this industry.

Kastoria is one of the oldest Greek cities in the north of the country, known for its quiet streets and a great variety of ancient churches. An important attraction for tourists is its luxurious and high-quality fur products. This is a historical center of the fur industry, where several hundred enterprises operate. All of them were focused on selling fluffy products directly to Russia or to tourists on the spot, since in Greece itself fur coats, which is not at all surprising in the local climate, are not in demand.

Due to the sanctions imposed on Russia, warehouses have become overcrowded, since it is impossible to sell finished products, forcing many enterprises to close, striking a blow to the already weakening Greek economy.

Businessman Antonis Disios talks about the current situation and emphasizes that Kastoria is going through the worst times. He stated that EU should exclude fur from anti-Russian sanctions, Athens paid too high a price for them.

A similar statement was made during a meeting with Ukrainian Ambassador Sergei Shutenko, and the first deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis. He pointed to a sharp decline in exports from Russia, writes GreekReporter.

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