Croissants… with mold

Mold has been found in the packaging of croissants, according to the Hellenic Food Supervision Authority (EFET).

EFET demanded that batches of croissants of a well-known brand be immediately withdrawn, as mold was found inside the packaging after appropriate checks.

The Food Supervision Authority, and in particular the Regional Directorate of Central Macedonia, during an inspection carried out as part of the investigation of a consumer complaint, found mold (species: ευρωτίασης, μούχλας πρασινωπής χροιάς) on the surface of the product “ΚΡΟNI”ΥΑΣΑΝ” MINI BITES ΜΕ ΓΕΜΙΣΗ ΚΡΕΜΑ ΒΑΝΙΛΙΑ”, with expiration dates 09/14/2022, 09/19/2022 and 09/30/2022, in packs of 120 grams, produced by PANINI AE, registered office: 10 KMOU, VERIAS 90.

EFET demanded from the company an immediate recall / withdrawal from the sales market of all specified batches. In addition, relevant checks are already being carried out, reports .

Consumers who have already purchased the above food product (photo below) are kindly requested not to consume it.

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