34 people injured in fatal fire in Penteli

The number of victims of the fire in Penteli has increased, they have been taken to hospitals in Attica.

In particular, 34 patients were delivered to hospitals by ambulances, MMPs and OTIK vehicles, 17 citizens received first aid without the need for hospitalization, reports iapopsi.gr:

  • 1 is located in the city clinic G. Gennimatas (Γ. Γεννηματάς),
  • 5 in Hippocrates (Ιπποκράτειο),
  • 23 in the Red Cross (Ερυθρό Σταυρό),
  • 1 in Sotiria Hospital (Σωτηρία),
  • 1 in CAT.

In addition, 3 firefighters with respiratory problems and minor injuries were taken to 251 military hospitals. The evacuation of citizens belonging to vulnerable groups was carried out:

  1. from the shelter Κατοικίες Υποστηριζόμενης Διαβίωσης “Ariti” (Pendelis and Tirnavu, Gerakas),
  2. from the Center for the Retention of Patients with Disabilities (Κέντρο Ειδικών Ατόμων) “Hara” (Pogoniou 2, Pallini Attica),
  3. from the Ephaestia Nursing Care Unit (Ef. Antistaseos 80, Gerakas).

EKAV delivered only those in need of medical care to hospitals. The rest were evacuated and placed in the “Talpi” nursing home (Agios Stefanos), under the responsibility of civil protection.

It was noted that yesterday EKAV and the Ministry of Health organized an operation to evacuate children from “Παίδων Πεντέλης” and “Νταού Πεντέλης”. Pentelis Ilias Liolios, head physician of the hospital, spoke about the superhuman efforts of volunteers and firefighters to put out the fire in the Children’s Hospital. He reported on the coordinated operation of the fire brigade to combat the fire element that raged on the approach to the institution.

Recall, as the Athens News previously wrote, a large-scale fire broke out in the afternoon of July 19 in the capital the Pendeli area.

The fire started around 17:00 and quickly began to move north of Antusa towards the Pendeli mountain range, while the fire engulfed the forest area above Drafi (north side of Drafi – Vayati region). The fire brigade forces had to deal with two fronts of fire: one that moves slowly towards the mountain, and the second (the most difficult) that moves south towards Drafi – Nea Pendeli.

Firefighters believe that fire in Pendeli out of control. Despite the strong wind blowing in the area, firefighters continue their work, while at the moment the fire is located about 150 meters from the houses in Palea Pendeli. Joined the battle with fire Armed forces Greece, two groups, under the plan “Deucalion”. It’s about 150 commandos from 2nd MAL (amphibious squadron) and 575th TPN (marine battalion) and two APCs.

2 more military units are in a state of combat readiness to speak within two hours. These are about 150 trained military personnel from the 2nd Parachute Squadron and the 575th Marine Battalion.

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