What to prefer: ice cream, granita or sorbet

On a hot summer day, both old and young love to pamper themselves with something cold. Usually the choice falls on ice cream. But what if you are on a diet? After all, most people are simply not able to refuse such an ice cream ball of ice cream, alluring in the summer heat.

As you know, to reduce the “harm” of ice cream, dieters prefer granite or sorbet. Let’s see how many calories are in each of them. Not forgetting that different flavors (toppings) of fruit-flavored ice cream or crushed ice have different nutritional values ​​(number of calories).


  • Vanilla ice cream: One scoop (scoop) contains 4-6% fat and about 160 calories.
  • Chocolate ice cream: One scoop has 7-13% fat and about 235 calories.
  • Strawberry ice cream: 110 calories per scoop.
  • “Diet” or 0% sugar type: 125 calories
  • Ice cream “Parfait”: contains 25-30% fat and about 325 calories per 100 grams.
  • Sorbet: 100 calories per 100 grams
  • Granita: Gives us more calories than strawberry ice cream or sorbet because it is usually served in a tall glass, serving about 200 grams.
  • Strawberry Granita: Contains 180 calories per 110 grams.
  • Lemon Granita: Contains 160 calories per 110 grams.

sorbet, sherbet – a gentle tart frozen dessert, a soft fat-free similarity to popsicles, frozen fruit juice. If we turn to history, we can confidently say that sorbet appeared much earlier than the classic ice cream, so it has a longer history.

granite (Italian granita) – dessert, which is crushed fruit ice with sugar. A kind of sorbet, but has a denser structure. When cooking, various methods of freezing are used – more “liquid” versions of the dessert are prepared in an ice cream maker, and for dense ones, crushed ice is used. Possible ingredients: lemon or orange juice, berries, fruits, etc.


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