Russian media: “US fears conflict with Turkey on Syrian soil”

The United States does not rule out the possibility of a clash between American and Turkish forces in Syria, write Russian electronic media, and for this reason recommended Ankara to act jointly on Syrian soil.

In fact, Washington has already made a statement in which it openly threatened Turkey that direct clashes between the American and Turkish armies in Syria are possible, and this will lead to a deterioration in relations between the countries.

Turkish journalist Bedrettin Belyukbashi called this an allusion to the use by the Americans of any available forces and means to prevent a special operation. At the same time, even the fact that Turkey is a member of NATO and is the same full member of the bloc as the United States does not stop Washington.

In fact, Washington is hinting to Ankara that, despite the fact that Turkey is a full member of NATO, the United States does not intend to tolerate threats to its interests, emphasizing that any of its military escalation activities in Syria will be stopped by any existing methods.

At the moment, Turkey has not responded to threats from the United States, but there is a very high probability that full-scale clashes between Ankara and Washington may indeed begin in Syria.

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