ProNews: “Everyone knew that the AN-12 was carrying weapons to Ukraine, only in Greece they depicted "innocence"»

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs pretends not to know that it was carrying the Ukrainian AN-12 that crashed on Saturday night near Kavala and instructed the Greek ambassador in Belgrade to hold a press conference, saying that “it is necessary to inform the Greek side” about the nature of cargo.

That is, everyone knew, except for the Greek Foreign Ministry …

From the first moment published information that the Ukrainian An-12 transport aircraft, which crashed 40 km west of Kavala, was transporting weapons to Ukraine, and not to Jordan or … Bangladesh, according to the Minister of Defense of Serbia, the Greek Foreign Ministry and Bangladesh itself.

The Ukrainians themselves, in their yesterday’s publication, declare that “the company cooperates with NATO, and the aircraft often performs flights for … NATO.” Ukrainian edition of “European Truth” declares: “The aircraft belonged to the Meridian company, which, according to information on its website, operates charter flights around the world, and also fulfills contracts with government and non-governmental organizations for the transport of humanitarian cargo. In addition, it works closely with the UN and NATO to deliver urgent cargo, especially military and dual-use cargo.”

The publication does not talk about Bangladesh or Jordan, and it certainly was not a “UN humanitarian mission.”

At the same time, it also turns out that a particular plane of the Ukrainian company was constantly loading weapons from Serbia and Bulgaria and taking them to Poland, from where, of course, they were transported to Ukraine!

The truth is that the plane was a “workhorse” as the Americans describe a cargo plane that was about to land at Chrysoupoli airport (it followed exactly the runway planned to land at Chrysoupoli from Serbia) to load additional weapons from Greece ( maybe not Greek, but American) for Ukraine.

After all, the plane carries 20 tons of cargo, while the Serbs admit that it was only 11.5 tons loaded. Such aircraft do not carry out such missions half-full. So he flew to Chrysoupoli… to load!

It is no coincidence that this is his only occupation in recent months, as evidenced by the flight plans: transporting weapons from Serbia and Bulgaria to Poland/Ukraine!

And here is a photo Serbian ammunitioncaptured by the Russians in warehouses near Kharkov

Therefore, today’s expression of protest on the part of the Greek Foreign Ministry is simply aimed at blurring out an inconvenient incident. For the government to relieve itself of responsibility for the loading of Greek weapons and ammunition in Chrysoupoli for Ukraine.

In fact, the catastrophe with the Ukrainian plane on Greek territory exposed many, in addition to the “obvious” (Greece, Ukraine) and some “hidden” (Serbia) …

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