Ovsyannikova’s hopes for arrest did not come true

Russian media report on the detention of Marina Ovsyannikova in the Moscow region, presumably for her recent solo picket against the war.

Former journalist of Channel One, who became famous thanks to appearance on the air with an anti-war poster, recently returned to Russia from Germany to participate in court hearings with her husband.

The other day, Maria held a one-man picket with anti-war slogans. Russian media suggest that this is the reason for the detention.

Ovsyannikova holds a banner reading “Putin is a murderer, his soldiers are fascists.”

One of the most common comments about this in Ukraine is “how is she allowed to stand in front of the Kremlin and no one arrests her”, hinting that Ovsyannikova allegedly acts in collusion with the Russian authorities, which means she is an FSB agent…

Law enforcement officers arrived at the residence of the former editor Channel One in outskirts of Moscow. The reason for the detention is not specified at this time.

In early April, the Berlin media concern Axel Springer announced that Ovsyannikova was hired to the German news channel Welt. “Marina Ovsyannikova, at a crucial moment, found the courage to show viewers in Russia an unvarnished picture of reality,” explained Ulf Poschard, editor-in-chief of the Welt television channel. “With her act, she defended the main journalistic values, and this despite the threat of reprisals from the state “.

The decision caused a mixed reaction in society, and a demonstration was held outside the Welt television studio calling for Ovsyannikova not to be hired because of her past cooperation with the Russian Channel One.

The journalist worked for three months in a German publication, and just the other day she returned to Moscow to solve long-standing problems with her ex-husband Igor Ovsyannikov regarding children.

It is worth noting that the detention is quite expected. Arriving in Russia, Marina Ovsyannikova continued to spread fake information about the actions of the armed forces, and this is a criminal offense. By the way, the last action of Ovsyannikova surprised even TV journalist Ksenia Sobchak. She admitted that there is something ostentatious in the actions of the former editor of federal television.

According to the lawyer of the journalist Dmitry Zakhvatov, she was detained in Moscow near her house. He later told the BBC that Ovsyannikova was in the Krasnoselsky district police department.

Ovsyannikova said in an interview with the We Can Explain telegram channel that she was detained while walking with dogs near her cottage village. “People in uniform came up, in general, my walk was not a success. They took me in circles around Moscow for a very long time,” the journalist says.

According to her, after about three hours she was taken to the police department of the Krasnoselsky district and allowed to call a lawyer. After that, Ovsyannikova was released. According to Avtozak Live, a protocol was drawn up against her under Part 1 of Art. 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (“discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”). The authorities, apparently understanding the desire of the journalist to get a real prison term, have repeatedly defiantly issued only an administrative penalty to her.

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