Experts on the 4th dose: "4 times more likely to die if you don’t"

The government and “experts” launched an advertising campaign for the fourth dose of the vaccine, trying to scare not unvaccinatedbecause they are not afraid anyway, but vaccinated with three doses, reporting that they have an increased chance of dying from the coronavirus.

Professor of pulmonology Theodoros Vasilakopoulos, speaking on the air of the TV channel OPEN about the fourth dose of the vaccine, said the amazing thing: “Those who gave three doses of the vaccine, the risk of death is four times higher than those who give the fourth dose.”

In other words, those who received three doses (full vaccination in accordance with the Greek rules) not only now have no protection against coronavirus, but are also at greater risk than the unvaccinated … It turns out that the people in vain injected into their bodies essentially an experimental drug that ends up putting their lives at risk instead of protecting them?

Recall that this is the same person who, in a conversation with the Mega TV channel, stated that “new strains of the virus do not cause serious diseases.”

Then the professor said: “Currently, strains that have appeared especially in the last year are not variants that cause more severe illness and death. I hope this one (Omicron) won’t create such tension either. However, no one can rule out that the strain could become aggressive in the sense of a more severe disease, but this is unlikely.”

PS Many journalists and experts are sure that the new wave of vaccination is beneficial, first of all, to pharmaceutical companies that have finally decided to get all the possible profit from the vaccine. A new round of the pandemic is also beneficial to the authorities of countries controlled by the United States, as it allows them to intimidate the population and stay in power, despite the sharp impoverishment of the people due to the insane sanctions imposed against Russia.

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