Come in, shop and… you’re done: checkout-free supermarkets are coming to Athens

Carrefour plans to immediately open stores where consumers can shop in… 10 seconds!

The green light for the company’s operations has already been given, according to Carrefour, and sales are going “excellent”. It should be noted that since April last year, the company has been actively managing 5 stores in Greece. Carrefour stores are “gaining momentum” and the company plans to expand immediately with improved services such as merchandising in 10 seconds.

In which tourist areas will the following stores operate? The first ones have already opened in Zakynthos (2 stores) and Halkidiki (3 stores), while the expansion plan continues as usual, with the goal of opening new outlets every month, reports

The next ones are expected to start operations in areas with heavy tourist traffic, and will be of the Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express store types, as in Zakynthos and Halkidiki.

Carrefour Markets are larger stores that can be located in the city centers or on the outskirts, offering a wide range of fresh and local products. And Carrefour Express has the character of a “local store within walking distance”, with extended opening hours and a large assortment of products that are not inferior to a regular supermarket.

The rest of the types of stores that have begun to introduce the second year are Carrefour Bio, which offers 100% organic and ecological products, SUPECO. This is a type of fully automated small footprint stores that Carrefour is building in urban centers, with the main characteristic of the absence of cash registers and the ability to quickly serve the customer, following the philosophy of 10/10, i.e. 10 seconds to buy and 10 seconds to pay.

In accordance with the chain of stores development plan, the first Carrefour supermarket is being built in Athens, which is expected to be operational by September this year. The main goal of the company’s overall development plan is to create 25 stores by 2022.

It should be noted that the Carrefour chain of stores is being developed by Retail and more, a subsidiary of the Teleunicom-Globalsat group, which, after an appropriate agreement with the French company, took over return of Carrefour to the Greek market.

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