Where and with what did the Antonov crashed in Greece fly?

Serbia has confirmed that the transport plane of the Ukrainian company Antonov, which crashed near the Greek city of Kavala, was carrying 11.5 tons of ammunition bound for Bangladesh.

According to Serbian Defense Minister Nebojs Stefanovic, the plane loaded military equipment at the Konstantin the Great airport in the city of Nis and flew to Dhaka, Bangladesh at 10:20 local time, with intermediate landings in Amman and Riyadh.

The Serbian Minister also stated, writes newsbeast.grthat the cargo of the aircraft consisted of training mortar shells exported by a Serbian private company, and the purchaser was the Ministry of Defense of Bangladesh. At the same time, he assured that the export of ammunition was legal and approved. The aircraft belonged to a Ukrainian airline.

Shortly before 2:30 pm, officers from the Special Interdisciplinary Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Company ΓΕΕΘΑ arrived in Antiphilippi to investigate and establish the origin of the white matter that was around the fatal plane that crashed in the area.

The special group consists of 14 people who will answer the question that has been troubling the authorities involved in the case since early morning – about the type of white matter discovered from the first minutes of the investigation.

As explained in statements by the regional governor of East Macedonia-Thrace, Christos Methios, the service involved in the search and rescue project has already begun opening the first security corridor, along which both officers of the special interdisciplinary company and, subsequently, teams of the demining division will move, as well as civil protection search and rescue teams to collect the bodies of crew members and the wreckage of the lost aircraft, writes cnn.gr.

It is noted that even team members ΕΜΑΚ did not come closer than 50 meters to the place where found white mattercausing a burning sensation in the eyes and lips of those who approach it.

An evacuation of Antiphilippos is currently being considered due to fears of explosions. The regional governor of East Macedonia and Thrace, Christos Methios, said they are awaiting expert assessments on whether the military cargo carried by the transport aircraft poses a danger to public safety.

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