Shops and supermarkets are open today – their opening hours and employee salaries

On Sunday, July 17, shops and supermarkets are waiting for buyers. True retail outlets open voluntarily, at will.

The work of stores is associated with summer sales – the first Sunday after they start (July 11) is declared working for those who wish to offer their goods to customers on a day off. The Commercial Association of Athens announced:

“Shops may remain open on Sunday 17 July 2022 with suggested opening hours of 11:00 – 18:00 as recommended by the Athens Commercial Association.”

The Piraeus Commercial Association stated:

“According to current law, stores can voluntarily open on the first Sunday after the start of the sales period, that is, on Sunday July 17, 2022. Opening hours on Sunday are set from 11.00 to 20.00. Therefore, we invite colleagues who wish to open on Sunday July 17 to work with 11.00 to 15.30 With regard to the remuneration of staff on Sunday 17/07, the legislation provides the following: if the work of employees on Sunday is limited to work until 5 o’clock, employers are not required to provide another day of rest, but they must pay the appropriate hourly wage for the work provided with an increase of 75%.

The Athens Trade Association emphasizes that businesses should pay particular attention to the following:

  1. Double price indication, i.e. the old (crossed out) and the new, reduced price for all goods sold at a discount, required.
  2. It is also allowed to specify a discount percentage when selling.
  3. If more than 60% of all items sold are offered at a discounted price, an indication of the discount being offered is mandatory, so it must be displayed on the storefront and in any other commercial communication.
  4. If there are different discounts for each category of goods, you should indicate the range of the offered discount (“from …. % to …. %”).
  5. In all other cases, it will be indicated that the discounts apply to the selected products, with reference to the corresponding percentage.
  6. Store owners must be prepared to prove, in case of verification, that the old selling price indicated on the price tag corresponds to the actual one.

Supermarkets today, given the voluntary nature of the work, can be both open and closed. It is recommended to visit their websites for opening hours on July 17th. Please note: each supermarket has the right to set its own individual opening hours today, writes

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