crash "Antonova": mysterious white powder and message from 112

The discovery of an unknown white substance at the crash site of a transport aircraft near Kavala raises concern.

With all eight crew members dead, attention is now focused on the “hazardous materials” that the ill-fated aircraft was transporting. With dawn on accident site army pyrotechnicians arrived to inspect cargo transported from Serbia to Jordan commercial transport aircraft.

Message from 112 was sent to residents of the communities of Antifilippi and Paleochori (Αντιφιλίππων και Παλαιοχωρίου) of the municipality of Pangaios, located near the crash site: they must keep windows, doors and air conditioners in their homes closed to prevent any contact with outdoor air. It is not yet known how high the toxicity of air cargo is. His research is carried out by specialists in biological protection.

A company of counteracting nuclear -biological chemical defense (ειδικός λόχος αντιμετώπισης πυρηνικής – βιολογικής – χημικής άμυνας) is sent to the cavalry by the order of the General Staff, to provide assistance in the investigation of sappers and fire, communicating σκαϊ. She investigates the area in accordance with the protocol for dealing with such incidents.

The separation of the special inter -industry company of specialists in the nuclear, biological and chemical protection of the United Committee of the Chiefs of Defense Headquarters (ειδικού διακλαδικού λόχου βιολογικής χική, χικής γεεεε parent) consisting of 14 people will also be deployed. They will be transported by CH-47D from Megara, two ΤΕΝΞ teams have been sent to the area.

It is noted that even team members ΕΜΑΚ did not approach closer than 50 meters to the place where they found a white substance that causes burning in the eyes and lips of those who approach it.

An evacuation of Antiphilippos is currently being considered due to fears of explosions. Regional Governor of East Macedonia and Thrace Christ Methios statedthat they are waiting for expert assessments on whether the military cargo carried by the transport aircraft poses a danger to public safety:

“There is concern, we are waiting for assessments from pyrotechnicians and other fire service experts to have a complete picture. So far there is no reason to evacuate settlements located near the area of ​​​​the plane crash, given that there are no outbreaks of fire or smoke going towards residential areas.”

Marios Apostolidis, lieutenant general, coordinator of the fire services of Northern Greece, spoke about the start of the operation. He said that drones were raised, and army pyrotechnicians were starting to work to give the command to the relevant services, depending on the results, to enter and “scan” the territory. He noted:

“There are microfires, within a radius of at least 500 meters. We have banned entry to the area where we work, residents have been advised not to approach, be careful and keep windows closed. We felt a burning sensation on our lips and tongue, and put on masks. We do not know what has that effect. When it’s safe, because we’ve heard about the explosives, and they have to give us permission that it’s safe, we’ll go out on the field. It’s up to the bomb squad to make sure there’s explosives, so we know if the rescuers are in danger. the drone hasn’t got pictures yet, it has just taken off.We approached 50 meters with masks, we saw a piece of the fuselage, a lot of material scattered over the fields.According to available information, the crew consisted of eight people.The field must be stable and safe for rescuers to enter “We will not risk anyone. These are 13 people from ΕΜΑΚ and 26 firefighters.”

A snapshot of the plane crash near Paleochori: ΙΝΤΙΜΕ/ΠΑΠΑΝΙΚΟΣ ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ.

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