Who "leaked" secrets of Buchi

In today’s issue of Bild, Germany’s largest daily illustrated tabloid, writes that secret details of the massacres in Bucha may have been leaked to the media by members of the Bundestag.

German intelligence had detailed information about the atrocities in Bucha, but somehow they became the property of the press. In early April, a secret meeting of the German Defense Committee and a briefing by the BND, German intelligence, took place. Approximately 60 deputies and officials took part in the event.

The information disclosed there was clearly classified as secret. And yet, soon she appeared in the media, where she was reported by the deputies of the Bundestag who were present at the briefing. We are talking about the radio messages of Russian soldiers intercepted by the German special services, proving the committed war crimes.

The conversations were recorded by German intelligence. It is assumed that a key role in committed killings played by employees of Russian mercenary troops, such as the Wagner PMC, as reported by German publications in early April.

At the moment, the scandalous leak is being investigated by the German Prosecutor General’s Office. The perpetrators face severe punishment under the article “high treason”, emphasizes Bild. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, Chairman of the Defense Committee, comments: “Deputies new and old alike must understand that giving away secrets is not a trivial offense and the penalties associated with giving away secrets can lead to real consequences.”

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