Tax returns – there will be no extension of filing deadlines

Sources in the Greek Ministry of Finance report that there are no prerequisites for extending the deadlines for filing tax returns.

On Friday, July 29, at 15:00, the deadline for citizens to submit their income declarations to the tax authorities ends. The number of non-filed declarations is currently 1.6 million – out of a total of 6.4 million declarations, 4.741 million have already been submitted. And this means that just over 100,000 declarations must be submitted daily, which the ministry calls quite feasible.

Until recently, given the pressure from agencies and accountants, it was reported that the Ministry of Finance had on the table a scenario to extend the deadline for filing tax returns by a month, until the end of August. However, according to the latest information, there will be no extension, in addition, this year the online platform for filing income declarations for individuals began to function earlier than in other years – from March 30th.

Nearly 2.5 weeks before the deadline for filing returns, there was a “gap” in 1,856,610 tax returns, as 4,529,658 of a total of 6,386,268 were filed in 2021, while compared to previous For years, the rate of filing declarations has been low, at less than 70,000 declarations per day.

Accountants and tax experts, meanwhile, are talking about the workload as dozens of new obligations have arisen – contact updates, fuel and electricity allowances, applications for replacement appliances. In a letter to the finance minister, they speak of scenes reminiscent of a “war scene” in the accounting offices, urging that the filing deadline for individual and corporate tax returns be pushed back to September 30.

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