December 11, 2023

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Fight against fakes: rocket attack in Vinnytsia

After the rocket attack on Vinnitsa on July 14, the Russian side changed its version of its consequences three times. Was a military facility really hit?

Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as quoted by “UP”reports:

“Immediately after the explosions, propagandists announced the destruction of a group of nationalists in the House of Officers, subsequently there was a statement about the destruction of an ammunition depot there. Already today, the Ministry of Defense of the occupying country declares the destruction of the leadership of the Air Force … What are the aggressor’s statements worth, we see from their statistics, where they are they say about the losses of the Ukrainian army. They have already “destroyed” at least three Ukrainian armies.”

The command also reported that the House of Officers, which was hit by enemy missiles, de jure belonged to the Air Force, and de facto was a cultural institution in Vinnitsa, where the largest concerts of Ukrainian stars were held, dozens of children’s circles, unions and public organizations worked, where recording studios, cafes and branches of PrivatBank:

“It was on the day of the insidious missile attack that the Ukrainian singer Roksolana was supposed to perform at the House of Officers, two members of her team were injured – one died, doctors are fighting for the life of the other. Maybe the missile attack was planned on a concert hall that can accommodate about a thousand spectators.

Three children were among the 23 dead. There were no military units in the place where the missile attack was carried out. stopfake debunks the myth that the strike was inflicted on a military facility.

A number of Kremlin resources disseminated information that on July 14 the Russian army launched a strike with tactical cruise missiles at Vinnitsa. According to propaganda, “military targets” were hit, and the Russian army “continues to demilitarize Ukraine.” Glavred RT

I asked the MO where they hit in Vinnitsa. Answer: ‘In the House of Officers, there was a temporary accommodation for the Nazis’.

And they sent a photo.

Posting as posted.

— Margarita Simonyan (@M_Simonyan) July 14, 2022

“> Margarita Simonyan, referring to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, stated that the blow fell on the House of Officers, where there was a “temporary accommodation for Natsiks.”

Despite such statements, the photos and videos from the scene of the tragic incident that have appeared prove that the blow fell on the city center, where the civilian population and civilian infrastructure were located. The National Police said three rockets hit the office building. The House of Officers and residential buildings located nearby also suffered from the blows. Deputy head of the OP Tymoshenko said:

“The Russians hit the center of Vinnitsa with Kalibr cruise missiles, launching them from a submarine in the Black Sea.”

The information was confirmed by the Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, specifying that two of the five missiles were shot down by the air defense forces. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine published photos and videos from the scene, and also noted that the hit occurred in the parking lot near the Yubileiny House of Life. The medical diagnostic center was also destroyed, all those who were there at that moment died. On the net, you can find a lot of photographic evidence that it was civilian infrastructure that was hit, which had nothing to do with military facilities.

The propagandists explained the attack on the city center by the presence of the House of Officers there. But Vinnitsa House of officers was a cultural monument and the center of the cultural life of Vinnytsia. Concerts were held there, various circles for children worked. On the help site You can get information about 40 clubs, read posters of upcoming events, and read visitors’ reviews:

“Today, the institution is the largest in the city and the region, because it can accommodate almost a thousand visitors. It also has lecture and dance halls, classrooms, a library, a recording studio, and four dozen circles and clubs operate on its basis.

A concert by the singer Roksolana was scheduled for July 14 at the House of Officers, and the members of the team were in the center of the city during the shelling. One of the participants died, doctors are fighting for the life of the second, – the singer said in her Instagram account. On ticket sales sites, you can see that other concerts were planned in the Vinnitsa House of Officers in July and August 2022 – Arsen Mirzoyan was supposed to perform on July 31, MELOVIN, a charity concert of the Eurovision participant, was to take place on August 10, and tickets for Alessandro Safin were sold on December 12 .

Thus summarizing stopfakethere can be no talk of any shelling of a military unit or the deployment of military personnel in the Vinnitsa House of Officers – infrastructure facilities were hit, and civilians, including children, were killed.

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