In which regions of Greece are cars banned?

During the summer holidays, the car facilitates our movement, but there are areas where it is generally prohibited.

The car has long turned from a “luxury item” into an integral part of life, both in cities and beyond. Especially during the summer holidays, the car proves to be especially useful. We just throw everything we need into the trunk and we’re on our way. By car, you can go on vacation even to the islands, since ferries provide this service.

However, the usefulness of a car can be abolished if we decide to spend our holidays in two specific regions of Greece, Spetses and Hydra, where our “four-wheeled friend” is not…welcome.

Turquoise waters, sandy and pebbly beaches, as well as a wide variety of shops, cafes and taverns on island of Spetses, where you can have a great time, are just some of the reasons why the historic island of Argosaronikos is especially attractive. The magical beauty of the island, however, will not be available if you do not dare to part with your own car.

According to local normative decision on the regulation of traffic, running vehicles, as well as the private use of passenger motorized tricycles and quadricycles forbidden. At the same time, the island meets all the conditions for promoting micromobility, a typical example is the Citroen Ami, writes

It also clarifies that some categories of citizens (civil servants serving on the island, homeowners and tenants of houses) can bring their own car to Spetses (one car per household), but it is forbidden to use it in the village.

The thought of “refraining” from car owners separated from their “four-wheeled friends” will be unbearable on the road as well. Hydra islandif you decide to stay there. On another Argosaronic island, cars and other wheeled vehicles are also prohibited, and movement is carried out only on donkeys, and water taxis can be reached from beach to beach.

In addition to the spectacular beaches, one of the main attractions of the island is the city of Hydra, built amphitheatrically on a rocky slope around the port, creating a unique harmony between architecture and environment. The reason cars are not welcome is because the island has been declared a protected area.

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