Gazprom: “Athens deceives us and resells Russian gas to Bulgaria”

Russia is ready completely cut off the supply of natural gas to Greecebecause, according to sources in Gazprom, Greece violates Russian gas embargo on Bulgaria by reselling Russian gas it imports from Turkish Stream in… Sofia.

According to Gazprom: “The contempt shown by Athens for the decree signed by President B. Putin cannot go unanswered. Greece currently sells 60% of the latter’s natural gas needs to Bulgaria, all of which comes from Russian-supplied natural gas that Athens imports from Turkish Stream. According to our data, as well as the statements of the Greek DESFA, only 35% of Greece’s needs are covered by Russian natural gas. However, the volumes imported by Greece are doubling, as we can see from the network data. The rest is sold in Bulgaria, which is prohibited by Russian law.”

At the same time, 40% of Bulgaria’s needs are covered by imports of LNG, which Greece sends from the terminal in Revitui. The problem is that instead of staying in the background, Athens continues to push pipelines from Greece to Bulgaria, such as the FSRU terminal at Alexandroupolis and the Greek-Bulgarian connecting pipeline ( IGB ) from Komotini, according to the publication pronews.

“This is far from the smartest move on the part of the Greek leadership, because these pipelines primarily carry Russian gas, and secondarily LNG from Revitusa. How reasonable is it, without own production of natural gas, to advertise the sale of a product, on which the producing country (Russia) has imposed an embargo, to the buying country (Bulgaria) and, by selling it, to violate the legislation of the producer? Isn’t it logical that the supplier will react to you trying to circumvent the sanctions and inflict national damage on him?

The situation is not good at all because if tomorrow Greece is turned off natural gas, even a hole of 35% cannot be closed, not so much from the point of view of not consumption, but from the point of view of the policy of reserves for the winter. Since the situation is more than critical and it takes years and huge financial sacrifices to cover this 35% (LNG is sold 4-6 times more expensive than Russian natural gas), it is necessary today to convene a political council of leaders and decide what to do next.

For all political leaders to present their proposals responsibly and without fail, and for the Greek citizens to judge who is responsible for everything that is happening, who caused it, how can we find a sustainable solution. It’s time to make a decision”.

It is worth noting that Russian gas will now be supplied to Ukraine through the same interconnector, as reported by the Ukrainian edition. Reviewer. And although the Ukrainian authorities say that this is Azerbaijani gas, in fact it is the same Russian gas, where they added some LNG received by Greece from third countries.

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