Anadolu: “Greece is the main safe haven for FETO terrorists”

Turkish Anadolu news agency notes that Athens once again rejected Ankara’s extradition request for “eight coup plotters” who fled to Greece in 2016.

Since July 15, 2016, about 20,000 Turkish citizens, most of whom are FETO* members, have entered Greece through the Aegean islands or across the border at Evros, according to the Turkish agency it cites.

And although most of them then went to other European countries, “about 9,000 have asked for political asylum in Greece itself”, Anadolu reports, echoing Ankara’s request to extradite 8 conspirators to Turkey.

“One of the most important events in this process was the fact that 8 military personnel who are part of FETOthe day after the failed coup, went to Alexandroupolis for military helicopter that belonged to Turkey, the agency notes, the soldiers claimed that they did not know about the coup plot, and Athens refused to agree to insistent extradition requests from Turkish officialsbecause they will not be given a fair trial in Turkey.” AT while, on the other hand, “Greek media claimed that the military members of FETO were sent outside the country’s borders by the Greek authorities due to fears that the Turkish National Intelligence Organization would seek their return.”

Anadolu also refers to a video in which Fethullah Gülen is introduced at an event in Athens, and in his book, translated into Greek, the FETO leader characterizes Greece as a “brotherly country”: “Thanks to the brotherhood, we remember them with gratitude and appreciation. What Greece has done will be written in gold and silver on the glorious pages of history.”

FETOFethullah Terrorist Organization, is a term used by the Turkish government to refer to the Islamist movement led by Fethullah Gülen.

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