Americans urged to leave Ukraine immediately

Following yesterday’s rocket attack on downtown Vinnytsia, the US Embassy in Ukraine urged Americans not to enter Ukraine and those already in the country to leave immediately.

“EUROPEAN TRUTH” quotes message from the diplomatic mission:

“The security situation across Ukraine continues to be brutal and unpredictable due to ongoing military attacks from Russia, active hostilities in the country, and uncertain security conditions. The US Embassy urges American citizens not to enter Ukraine, and those in Ukraine immediately leave using private ground transportation if it is safe to do so.”

The embassy also recommends avoiding organized events and gatherings of large numbers of people, as they “could become Russian military targets anywhere in Ukraine, including in the western regions”:

“The security situation across Ukraine is highly volatile and could suddenly deteriorate. US citizens must remain vigilant and take appropriate action to raise security awareness.”

On Thursday at about 11:00 am, Russian troops fired missiles at in the center of Vinnitsa. 5 missiles were fired, 2 of which were shot down by Ukrainian air defense.

The press service of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports:

Fragments of missiles shot down by air defense near Vinnitsa on July 14 were discovered. Destroyed two of the five Kalibr-type naval missiles. Unfortunately, only two… Condolences to the families of the victims… Death to the Nazis!

In Vinnitsa, at the site of explosions and fires as a result of rocket attacks on July 14, as of 19:40, the bodies of 23 dead were found. This was reported by the press service of the State Emergency Service. The death toll may rise. The search continues for 42 people with whom there is no connection. The message says:

“23 people died (including 3 children), 115 people sought help, 64 were hospitalized, including 2 children, 34 people are in serious condition, 5 people are in critical condition. The search continues for 42 people, with whom there is no contact.”

348 rescuers are working at the scene of the tragedy, including cynological and pyrotechnic crews, and 42 pieces of equipment.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called the missile attack a terrorist attack. The President’s Office reported that the Russians struck at Vinnitsa with Kalibr missiles, which were fired from a submarine in the Black Sea.

Matti Maasikas, Ambassador EU in Ukraine, after the Russian missile attack on Vinnitsa, he said that the crimes of the Russians would be investigated, and those responsible would be held accountable. US Ambassador Bridget Brink called the attack “another horrific attack that claimed the lives of innocent civilians.” A member of the European Parliament from Lithuania, Petras Auštrevičius, called the attack of the Russians on Vinnitsa an act of state terrorism.

Mayor of Riga Mārtiņš Stakis writes BB.LV, appealed to the inhabitants of Latvia, who do not openly oppose the war in Ukraine. In his Twitter microblog, the politician posted a video of a little girl walking with her mother in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. After some time, the child died from Russian missiles, and the woman lost her leg.

“A video that needs to be watched by those 5.4% of respondents who support the Russian war in Ukraine, those 8.3% who find it difficult to say (?!) and especially those 13% who have a neutral position. Behind every lethal shell of the orcs there is the death of innocent people,” the mayor wrote, adding to the publication the results of an SKDS poll, according to which 73% of Latvian residents condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine, while the rest take a more neutral position or even support the Russian Federation.

Murdered women and children, bloody baby carriages, burned-out cars, a destroyed office building, damaged residential buildings – these are effects Russian missile attack on Vinnitsa in central Ukraine. This happened in the midst of a conference in The Hague on the punishment of those responsible for war crimes. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, in an address to the forum participants, again called for the creation of an international court following the example of the tribunal for the former Yugoslavia:

“We need a special tribunal for these crimes of Russian aggression against Ukraine, a tribunal that will ensure that those who started this catastrophe and tragedy, which became the largest war in Europe since the Second World War, are justly and legally punished.”

Explosions thundered in the region’s largest concert hall, the House of Officers. War correspondents who work in Russian army units write that this building was the main target of the missile strike – it was allegedly considered a military facility where Ukrainian fighters were stationed.

As the Ukrainian musician Oleg Skrypka said in an interview with the Facts publication, they were preparing for a concert in support of Ukraine at the House of Officers. They report about the dead and wounded from among the representatives of musical groups that gathered at that time on the square. Among them are musicians from the team of the singer Roxolana.

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