Instead of a whip – a carrot

Most of us imagine donkeys as livestock and beasts of burden, tethered for hours, or overburdened and climbing the steps of some island under the scorching sun.

Would you ever believe that these are playful, affectionate, gentle, sociable and curious animals that would make a person’s best companion? And that is not all.

At a time when we read daily in the print and electronic media about the mistreatment of donkeys in Santorini (which was even advocated by animal welfare associations), seventeen donkeys, having raised countless tons of building materials in their lives, dug up hectares of vegetable gardens and transported people on their on their backs with whips and beatings, are now enjoying the care and hospitality at the home of Vasiliki Petridou, writes

In an amazing place with a beautiful view of the sea, in the Kumbara region of Ios, they move freely without a leash or saddle, patiently waiting for the woman who freed them from everyday suffering, bring them their much-loved carrot, talk to them, calling everyone by name and gently caress.

The decision to take care of them personally, even despite the daily activities and responsibilities in the affairs that she does on the island, the businessman made herself. Vasiliki Petridou prudently equipped a space in which the animals would feel good. In addition, she is engaged in the rehabilitation and treatment of donkeys that need it, because they were delivered to her “half-dead” from merciless exploitation.

The life of the four-legged, given “in good hands”, is characterized by the expression “from the stick to the carrot.” Since in a past life they experienced a difficult and painful situation, and now, thanks to the sensitivity and kindness of Vasilika Petridou, their life has changed dramatically for the better.

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