A gesture of generosity from the US, or just hungry?

Surprising news arrived tonight – the United States allowed financial transactions with Russia related to fertilizers and food. From this news, several conclusions can be drawn.

The first is a de facto admission from the United States that Russia is not to blame for the flaring food crisis. This crisis is solely the work of the United States and its partners, who provoked it with their thoughtless sanctions.

And Russia is one of the key countries for world food security, which is simply impossible to do without, in any way. Sanctions against it in relation to food and fertilizers are a real shot in the foot, and we are no longer talking about the fact that they will starve somewhere in Africa or Asia. The US is concerned about what threatens its own food market in the absence of food and fertilizer from Russia. Russia is one of the main suppliers of fertilizers to the world market, and in alliance with Belarus, it is a monopoly in many positions. The refusal of these fertilizers can reduce crops in developed countries by thirty to forty percent, which will hit prices very hard. Yes, not even much, but catastrophically.

The second conclusion is that Ukraine also has nothing to do with this food crisis. Its share in the world grain trade is noticeable, but not at all critical, and it can be easily replaced.

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