New York is preparing for a nuclear strike from Russia

New York City emergency services have begun informing citizens about what to do in the event of a Russian nuclear attack. The announcement came after Russian media reported that Russia could wipe out the US East Coast.

“What will we do in the event of a nuclear attack?”

In a video released yesterday, a spokesman for the city’s emergency management department says: “You understand that there was a nuclear strike. Don’t ask how or why. Just know that the city has been shelled. So what are we to do?

A city spokesperson tells citizens:While the likelihood of a nuclear weapons incident occurring in or around New York City is very low, it is important that New Yorkers know how to stay safe. Simple steps in case of such an incident.”

New Yorkers need to follow three steps:Go into the house, stay there and watch TV shows to find out what to do next.

A reminder not to stay in the car. “Don’t go outside until the authorities say it’s safe” it says in the video. The representative of the municipality continues:

“If you were outside after the explosion, change your clothes immediately. Remove and pack any clothing you have been wearing to protect your body from radioactive dust or ash.”

In the video, authorities are also urging New Yorkers to go down to the basement if they have one. In conclusion, the representative cheerfully says: “Good. That you did it.”

The video is, of course, very…hyper-optimistic. Judging by what it mentions inside, nothing can be done for the protocol. If a nuclear bomb were to detonate in downtown New York or 200 meters above it, there would be nothing left within a 5 km radius, and at long distances, survivors would be in a dire situation as the radioactivity would start timing their lives.

America’s long coastline is also a weak point in the US, with the largest urban centers located here, with the exception of cities in the states of the midwest, such as Chicago, Denver, etc.

Apparently something is wrong in the US. Apparently, the Americans realized that things had reached such a critical point that they were really threatened with a nuclear “release” from a country that is capable of doing this and even more so has the strength to do so. Russia is the world’s largest nuclear power, and its nuclear arsenal is constantly being upgraded.

The Biden administration is now certainly the most dangerous US administration for planetary security. And the fact that she continues to provoke and publicly mock Russia and its leaders may end badly for all of humanity.

It seems that the people who run the US have at least one more planet in reserve, and at least one spare life. But who said they are human?

Recall that in May, the Russian media showed that V. Putin could wipe out the entire east and west coast of the United States with just four missiles. Aleksey Zhuravlev, a member of the DUMA, said that after the strikes using the new Russian missile “Sarmat-2» «nothing left» on both coasts, and that the mushroom cloud will “seen from Mexico”.

It is known that in the event of a nuclear war, Russia in its nuclear doctrine sets the eastern and western coasts of the United States of America as the first targets, since they are easily accessible to the Russian submarine fleet.

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