The ball saved the life of a 30-year-old man

The story of the ball that saved the life of 30-year-old Ivan, who fought the waves off the coast of Kassandra (Chalkidiki) for 18 hours, is simply amazing.

According to, Ivan, holding the ball in his hands, managed to stay on the surface of the water for 18 hours in order to be able to rest and cope with the exhausting many hours of swimming, writes

The incredible story behind the ball that miraculously caught the eye of Ivan, who was carried away by the current from the beach of Halkidiki, is that a child’s toy disappeared from Evgati beach on Lemnos on June 31! Two small children, 6-year-old Thanos and 11-year-old Tryfonas from Thessaloniki, while on vacation, went with their parents to the beach. There they played with their favorite ball, until at some point it fell into the sea and was carried away by the sea current. A swimmer who happened to be nearby at that moment tried to catch him, but to no avail. In general, the children put up with the loss of the ball and safely forgot about it.

And after 10 days, the mother of the children saw a news release about the guys who were carried away by the current to the open sea, and one escaped thanks to a ball found in the sea, and was surprised to recognize a children’s toy that she herself bought for children!

The woman saw the photo and realized that this is the same ball that her children lost on Lemnos! No one could have thought that a children’s toy would become a “lifeline” for a foreigner who has been on the high seas for 18 hours.

A rubber ball the size of a handball, although it was half deflated, however, according to Ivan, helped him stay alive. The ball lost on Lemnos became a “birthday present”. After all, who knows if the guy would have been able to stay on the water for such a long time!

Ivan, who dived into the sea after two of his friends as soon as he landed, said that “rescue was the best present for his birthday.” Recall that the guys went swimming in a dangerous place after the birthday celebration. The weather was fine and they decided to swim. However, at some point the wind and high waves picked up. Bathers were quickly swept away from the shore. The first of the three friends was quickly located, and the second, Ivan, was found with a ball in his hands after 18 hours.

Now the focus is on finding a 28-year-old young man, the third of the North Macedonian citizens who arrived on holiday in Greece. The young man is inexperienced in swimming and has already been at sea for about 40 hours. With every passing hour, hopes for his salvation are fading.

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