Summer sales start today

Today, July 11, the summer sales season started, which will last until August 31. It is reported that on Sunday, July 17, stores will be open across the country from 11:00 to 20:00.

“Both during the sales and during the opening hours of the stores on Sunday 17 July, retailers will showcase a wide range of their products at extremely attractive and favorable prices,” the Hellenic Business and Retail Association notes.

As a reminder, the legislation (Article 15 of Law 4177/2013) states that shops can open on the first Sunday, at the beginning of the discount period.

Consumers during the sales period should pay special attention to the following points:

  • Appropriate announcements must be posted in stores during sales periods.
  • Indication of two prices, i.e. the original (old, which is usually crossed out) and the new price of goods sold at a discount. Price tags should be displayed in prominent places in the store and always in the places of display of goods.
  • Specifying a discount percentage is optional and the company decides whether to include it or not. If the company specifies a percentage, you must indicate that this is a discount (for example, 30%).
  • There should be no confusion between discounts and offers. Discounts apply to seasonal items, and offers where the discount is especially large are usually related to obsolete products.
  • Pay special attention to stores that advertise big discounts on one or more products. This does not mean that the rest of the products in these stores are cheaper than the corresponding products in other stores.
  • Find out the details and terms of the deal when buying goods in installments.
  • Feel free to receive accurate information about the origin and quality of products. The seller must provide the consumer with all information relating to the product, in accordance with Article 1 of Law 2251/94, before the customer makes a purchase.
  • Check with sellers if there are any changes to the items they sell during sales. Sellers are required to exchange defective items purchased during the sales period, except in caseswhen on goods a markdown was made due to a specific defect and the consumer was informed of this in advance, prior to purchase.
  • Be sure to ask for and keep your receipt, as this is the only way to prove your purchase if a defective item is found.
  • Request instructions for use of the product and the terms of its warranty in Greek.

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