Residents of Alexandroupoli are delighted with the US Marines

More than 1,000 US Marines arrived in Alexandroupoli on the landing ship USS Arlington, leaving the city’s restaurants jammed with military personnel and queues waiting to enter tattoo studios in the early hours of the morning.

The owner of a local restaurant said the Marines needed 6,000 to 7,000 eggs and their presence was stressing out the chickens! “Even the chickens figured it out. Yesterday, 1,500 people had breakfast in Alexandroupolis, breakfast consisted of eggs, sausages and bacon. Yesterday they needed 6000-7000 eggs. That is make chickens work hard tomorrow – we don’t have eggs,” restaurant owner Giorgos Alavantas told SKAI. Marines The US… became obsessed with meat, and in three days they ran out of ribs, steaks, fillets and hamburgers.

Another restaurant owner in the area, Vassilis Siklafidis, said “they went crazy. They keep telling us they didn’t eat better meat. They have traveled to many cities and come here and tell us what kind of meat it is. Especially for the sake of local meat, our fillet. And at the prices they see, they clarify: “Are you sure, are you sure that he has such a price?” I say yes”.

And they find it incredible and the meat excellent and delicious, saying that their value for money is very good. Grill owner Giorgos Davis said: “The soldier who came to me for a quick meal because he was in a hurry to get on the ship was served and the bill was 8 euros. He paid 8 euros with a card and left 10 dollars with the waiter.”

Local publications report that the city’s tattoo parlors are packed Marines who wanted do tattoos. They contacted one of the local tattoo artists who opened the shop on Sunday to cater to the sailors.

Tattoo parlor owner Alexandroupolis Nikos Katsoulis said: “About ten days ago applications started coming in batches. From 9 am there is a queue in front of the entrance to the salon, as if we are selling hot cakes. We have already canceled applications for large tattoos, having written that we will do only small ones, and they agreed without talking. According to sailors, they travel all over the world, so tattoos are crucial to the memory when they retire to show friends that they were in Greece and got this tattoo there.”

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