Stopped at "zebra"? Pay the fine

The phenomenon of stopping vehicles outside traffic lights, on a zebra, which endangers the lives of pedestrians, has taken on an unimaginable scope.

There are truly countless violations of the rules of the road by drivers throughout Greece, which shows disrespect for other road users. At the same time, it is noted that driving at a prohibitory traffic signal (red light) is recognized as a major social problem and is one of the main causes of traffic accidents.

The anarchy at traffic lights, however, is not limited to the total disregard for red lights. There are those who, although they comply with these rules, stop their car “anywhere.”

Stopping a vehicle at a zebra crossing is, at first glance, a petty offense that simply impedes the free passage of pedestrians. However, it can actually cause serious traffic accidents. Occupying a crosswalk can force pedestrians to maneuver between vehicles and put themselves at risk.

The mentioned danger is constantly recorded by the competent authorities, who decided to take care of the punishment of those who “block the zebra”.

According to article 6 “traffic lights and traffic” of the SDA, the driver is obliged to stop at a sufficient distance from the traffic light so that the light signal is clearly visible to him, and remain motionless until the green light turns on. The driver is obliged not to enter the “zebra” by stopping in advance in front of it.

Anyone who does not comply with the above is subject to an administrative fine of 700 euros and loss of driving license for 60 days.

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