Record tourism revenues will strengthen the average Greek family

Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias mentioned the results of the strategy developed last fall, the main objectives of which are to extend the tourist season and expand new tourist destinations.

As Mr. Kikilias noted in his interview with the Sunday newspaper Ελεύθερο Τύπο, this year the tourist season started in March and is likely to end at the beginning of winter, as major tour operators have already announced the interest of travelers to Greece who intend to visit our country in November and even December.

In terms of tourist flows as well as tourism revenues, the minister noted that the efforts made to “open up” large foreign markets and attract “moneybags” travelers are bearing fruit, as evidenced by the data.

In particular, the official referred to the latest data from the Athens International Airport, according to which passenger traffic in June increased compared to 2019:

  • 50% of tourists from the USA,
  • 32% of tourists from Austria,
  • 24% of tourists from Israel,
  • 12% of tourists from Canada,
  • 8% of tourists from France,
  • 1% of tourists from the UK.

The arrival rate of travelers from the Netherlands is the same as in 2019. At the same time, the arrivals of travelers from Belgium, Switzerland and Italy, respectively, are at the same level (99%, 95% and 93%), reports

Cruises also play a decisive role in the recovery and further development of tourism, which, according to the minister, will continue this year for 10 months, as a result of which, according to experts, the arrival of ships in the ports of the country will increase by 25% compared to 2019. At the same time, a plan is being developed to further extend the cruise period (up to 12 months a year).

Vassilis Kikilias also highlighted the high traffic in less popular destinations, which the Ministry of Tourism has supported with strategic advertising.

The development of tourism will strengthen the average Greek family. “There are so many places of incomparable natural beauty in our country, with high-level gastronomy and the potential for the development of many types of alternative tourism, that it is a shame that they are unknown to foreigners, as well as to our own citizens, the Greeks,” said the minister, mentioning the areas that he recently visited.

As an example, they cited such places as:

  • Kastoria, which, with its symbolic lake, will become a starting point and its main source of income will be tourism;
  • Lemnos, where a sports hotel was opened, which will operate all 12 months of the year, hosting athletes and teams of Olympic level;
  • Aegina, which began to receive visitors from February, and the occupancy of its premises exceeds 90%;
  • Nafpaktos, which is also on the tourism development map.

“I am very happy to see that everything is working out for us, and to meet people who tell me that tourism this year has significantly increased their income. Because our goal, the goal of the government and Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis, is precisely this: by developing tourism, to strengthen the average Greek family, hotel owners, merchants, shop owners, the primary sector,” said Mr. Kikilias.

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