Golden Jackal at Lake Karla

A rather rare representative of the natural fauna – the golden jackal – was seen in the vicinity of Lake Karla, and his movements were filmed.

golden jackal (Canis aureus, literally – golden dog), one of the three types of jackals, is a medium-sized mammal belonging to the canine family. It is found in southeastern and central Europe (to Austria and Hungary), Asia Minor and the Middle East.

In Greece, this species of animal is found in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, in Serres, Chalkidiki, Attica, Phokis, Peloponnese and Samos. There is information that he was observed in Thesprotia, Preveza and Etoloakarnania. Until the first half of the 1990s, the animal also lived on the island of Corfu, writes

The golden jackal is very similar to the wolf, but smaller and “leaner”, with short legs, an elongated body and a shortened tail. He is larger than a red fox. Males are usually larger than females. Usually the individual is from 69 to 85 cm in length. The height at the withers is from 44 to 50 cm. The weight of female jackals is 7–11 kg, males 6–14 kg.

This time around, the golden jackal was spotted near Lake Karla, a video uploaded to YouTube on Saturday July 9th astounding nature lovers and netizens.

Throughout the range, the jackal prefers places heavily overgrown with shrubs, reed beds near water bodies, abandoned reclamation systems with many canals and reed copses. It rises to the mountains to a height of up to 2500 m, but in general it is less common in the foothills. The presence of reservoirs for the jackal is rather desirable. For example, he willingly settles in the floodplains of large rivers, dense shrubs and reeds. As shelters, it usually uses various natural niches and depressions, crevices among stones, sometimes burrows of badgers, porcupines, foxes, occasionally digs them on its own (this is especially true for whelping females). Well-marked paths usually lead to its lairs. The jackal not only does not avoid the proximity of a person, but often, on the contrary, settles near housing and then trades in garbage, steals poultry on occasion, and goes out into the fields.

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