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Zeus on Olympus: optical illusion or man-made image (video)

Near the top of Mount Olympus, at an altitude of about 2400 meters above sea level, among the sharp rocks, a huge image of Zeus, the king of the gods in ancient Greek mythology, was discovered.

Some argue that this is just an optical illusion, others speak of a strange play of nature and light, and still others claim that this is an unknown rock art created by the ancient Greeks in honor of the god of the gods Zeus.

In any case, the image is fascinating and, in addition to admiration, raises questions about the origin of this amazing monument.

What’s this? Optical illusion or human creation?

One of the peaks of Olympus is called “Stephanie” (crown), and the rock around it is called the “throne of Zeus.”

According to the Greek media, tourists climbing the legendary peak of Greece often report a “strange” phenomenon early in the morning: when the first rays of the sun fall on the rock “the throne of Zeus”, the face of the Supreme deity of Olympus appears on it. Not surprisingly, the human imagination has created several myths around this phenomenon.

Science says: Zeus never existed, Zeus never built his own throne on top of Mount Olympus, and no ancient Greek climbers carved the face of Zeus into a rock.

However, the footage from Mount Olympus in the video above is truly impressive.

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