Criminals received narcotic drugs using fake prescriptions

The activities of criminals who committed fraud at the expense of the National Organization for the provision of medical services (ΕΟΠΥΥ), stopped the Economic Police Department.

A person has been detained against whom a criminal case has been initiated. At the same time, the identity of another person has been established, and he is currently on the wanted list.

According to the investigation ΕΛΑΣ, since April 2021, at least four people have formed a criminal organization to commit fraud against EOPYY. The defendants purchased a large number of pharmaceutical drugs – pills with narcotic effects, using stolen medical prescription forms. Further, medicines were prescribed for unsuspecting citizens, whose data was taken from the stolen personal information database of insured persons.

Sometimes criminals turned to doctors with a request to write a prescription. At the same time, they either misled doctors about their real identity, or pretended to be employees of institutions. In this way, they managed to obtain false medical prescriptions and deceive EOPYY, which paid for “fake prescriptions and drugs.”

It is noted that if doctors refused to write prescriptions, they were blackmailed, threatening the lives of themselves and their loved ones, reports

With this method, the gang was able to issue at least 74 false medical prescriptions for drugs from 9 different doctors using AMCA 23 insured persons without their knowledge, which corresponds to 5520 narcotic tablets.

The National Organization for Primary Health Care (EOPYY) was damaged in the amount of 6 million euros by a public hospital doctor who acted unsupervised for three years 2015-2017.

All materials of the case were transferred to the prosecutor’s office.

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