The American Conservative: Ukraine destroys political opposition

“Not only pro-Russian political parties, but also individual independent politicians are severely suppressed by Ukrainian legislation and the Ukrainian mafia,” writes Katya Sedgwick, publication author The American Conservativewho is on the side of the Republican Party.

The American media at least somehow covered the recent ban in Ukraine of the pro-Russian party Opposition Platform – For Life, which effectively eliminated electoral competition in the country. But the Ukrainian law on sedition of March 9 this year is less known, writes edition.

Bill 7116, which received the frankly Leninist title “Not a Step Back” and was approved by the Rada, provides for punishment for aiding the enemy and subversive activities under martial law in Ukraine. The maximum penalty for those found guilty of treason is life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

Among the defendants under the law – mayors and others elected officials faces citieswho surrendered to the Russian army during the withdrawal of the Ukrainian armed forces, who allegedly provided the Russian Federation with logistical support. The law also applies to persons who transmit information about troop movements. More controversially, the Verkhovna Rada passed a law punishing Ukrainians who speak positively of Russia.

Ever since the No Step Back Act was passed, I’ve been following news reports about citizens who fall into the latter category.

For example, one of the entries on the Telegram channel “KharkivLife” refers to the “exposure” by the police “intruder“. It turned out to be a forty-year-old woman who, in a private conversation recorded by a person whom she apparently trusted, said: “I am waiting for Russia, yes. You know why? [неразборчиво]because I am for Russia, and because I am a person with a Russian soul.” Now she is under investigation for alleged collaborationism, and the scammer has probably already received his reward.

Similar case

According to the Ukrainian channels, Ukrainian border cops arrested a man for supporting Russia, exchanging photos and videos of artillery fire and being in the possession of Russian food rations.

— Katya Sedgwick (@KatyaSedgwick) June 29, 2022

” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> approvingly recorded by Telegram KievLive. Ukrainian border police detained a man for supporting Russia, posting videos and photos of artillery shelling on social networks and having Russian food rations.

In Odessa for shouting out pro-Russian “propaganda” detained a drunk man with a machete. I admire the Odessa cops for arresting that brawler—as a San Francisco Bay Area resident, I take law and order seriously. But I find it hard to believe that his actions can be classified as “betrayal of the motherland.”

In another video posted on KharkivLife, a frightened 34-year-old resident of the region brought public apology for “active expression of hatred towards the defenders of Ukraine.” Her crime was “discovered” during routine “social media monitoring”, allegedly by the security services. After “talking” to the cops, she decided to ask for forgiveness.

In a news video published

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