Greek honorary citizenship given to Turk who is on Interpol’s international wanted list for murder

President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou has embarked on an “honorary naturalization” – “awarding” a Turkish businessman with Greek citizenship at the same time that the Greek government is imprisoning medical workers it once applauded.

We are talking about the 39-year-old Turk Yassam Ayavef, who, among many others, is also a “citizen” of the pseudo-state “Northern Cyprus”, and since June 14 is also a citizen of Greece, reports with reference to Inside Story and Citizen of Cyprus.

According to the FEK (Government Gazette) dated June 22, the government’s decision, which was approved by President Katerina Sakellaropoulou, is based on the fact that Yassam Ayavefe “has made a significant contribution by donating medical equipment, emergency supplies and food to deal effectively with the coronavirus pandemic at its most critical moment, removing the risk of a collapse of the national health system, providing the necessary time to take additional measures and find the necessary resources.”

In other words, according to the Government Gazette, thanks to the Turk wanted by Interpol, the national healthcare system did not collapse!

But that’s not all, as it is also mentioned that he supported the entire Greek economy with his investments!

“Furthermore, with his investments and development of his business activities in the country, he has contributed to the support of the Greek economy, promoting it in international financial circles, and therefore the granting of Greek citizenship to him can serve the outstanding interests of the country in the context of the strategic strengthening of the Greek economy.”

At the same time, the Greek authorities arrested 40 medical workers who protested at the home of Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis about the forced leave they were sent to due to their lack of vaccination.

However, as reported today Union of Medical Workers for Democracy and Freedom (SYDE), arrested medical workers were handed over to the department for the defense of the state and the democratic state of the GADA, that is, they are considered a threat to the STATE!

The police have announced that they are making arrests for obstructing traffic and disobeying the authorities! Because people were protesting near the prime minister’s residence.

Yesterday in Komotini, seven medical workers gathered in the square for a protest action, they had a banner with them, which they did not have time to unfold. Around 10:30 a policeman showed up and took them to the local bullpen. The reason is that K. Mitsotakis visited this city, where the prime minister arrived to open the Greek-Bulgarian gas pipeline.

Greek media noted that one paramedic arrested and sent to GADA fainted. An ambulance was admitted to her only two hours later. She was not allowed to speak because she was considered accused of a crime against the state.

Yesterday, too, they did not give water and food, with reference to the fact that the canteen was closed. After a strong protest from their relatives’ lawyer, the authorities agreed to send them water and food.

Thus, one can see how the authorities treat the Greek medical workers who previously earned their “awards” by fighting on the front lines with the pandemic. And a completely different attitude of the government towards the Turkish businessman, who has close ties with the occupied territories.

Arrest and asylum

Ayavefe was put on the wanted list with a red notice by the Turkish police to Interpol following a court decision in Istanbul on February 28. He was accused of “the creation and management of illegal online gambling and betting.” He was arrested by the Greek police, but instead of being extradited to Turkey, he was granted international protection status without sufficient explanation.

This was followed by his donation of medical equipment to Greece, and then the decision was made for his honorary naturalization, which is done rarely and in very exceptional cases, mainly for literary and artistic figures with an international reach, such as Jules Dassin and Tom Hanks. While recently, in order to be able to become a minister, Christos Stylianides also naturalized.

Ayavefe, in his statements, claimed that he was never wanted by Interpol, and that the relevant publications were classified as incorrect information!

Assassination of Falgiali

In the context of the ongoing investigations in the occupied territories into the murder of the “godfather” of the casino Khalil Falgyali and his driver, complaints appeared in February last year, which were even published in Turkish Cypriot newspapers, about the involvement of Yassam Ayavefe!

Ayavefe allegedly paid $8 million to kill Falgyali, who was in competition with him for control of gambling in the occupied territories.

In fact, it was written that the “contract for death” was made in Athens, where Ayavefe lives. The 39-year-old man denied the accusations in his statements, saying that what was written about him was disinformation, presenting him as the moral culprit of the murder..

As he noted, “the accusation arose at a time when all those suspected of involvement in the murder were detained, testified and the investigation continues”. To reinforce his position on the information that led him to his involvement, he pointed out that he was presented in the reports as an Iranian, and he himself had nothing to do with Iran.

Police and church

During the pandemic, the Greek media published the news that Ayavefe donated €300,000 worth of medical equipment. Initially, the offer was made to the Greek police, but then, for procedural reasons, assistance was provided to the Church of Greece.

Here, however, another question arises, in addition to the others. His “donation was not published in the Diaugeia, and therefore it is not true that it was made orally…

So, we have a man who is Turkish, has financial interests in the occupied territories and is involved in… strange criminal cases, and the state made him a citizen of Greece.

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