Cop killed in Nea Philadelphia crash was riding a motorcycle without a helmet

A young member of the special forces police ΔΙΑΣ got into a fatal accident in the Athens district of New Philadelphia. The main cause of death is believed to be that he was not wearing a protective helmet.

According to colleagues, the policeman had just finished his shift and was returning from duty. Two hours later, the young man died from his injuries in the capital’s Red Cross hospital. As his colleagues say, he was a man who always radiated positive energy and smiled.

“The guy ran into a woman in a car that drove out of the alley. The dashing racer was without a helmet. He hit the back door of the car and then flew into the road,” a witness at the scene of the accident told

He added, “The guy was in the ΔΙΑΣ. He rode not on a service motorcycle, but on his thousandth Yamaha. There was a fierce fight for his life, unfortunately, he died two hours later. Use a helmet and be careful on the roads. Now the guy is gone, no matter what we say, he will not come back.”

Another shocked witness to the accident noted: “What I saw was a wrecked motorcycle. The guy was thrown onto the car.” And at the end, he was clearly moved, saying: “Guys, put on a helmet, because they are waiting for you at home.”

The lack of a protective helmet is one of the leading causes of death among motorcyclists around the world, statistics say. It is even more sad that such a violation was committed by a police officer, who himself should monitor the implementation of the law.

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