The development of the situation in Ukraine with the victory of Russia in the Donbass accelerates early elections in Greece

The further development of the military conflict in Ukraine and its development in a negative direction for Kyiv, the West and the Greek government creates difficult political conditions for the Greek government, says Theophrastos Andreopoulos, editor-in-chief of the popular Greek publication Pronews.

In the article published July 7, the author of the publication asks: “The government has finally put the country on the” wrong side of history “?

“Now it seems that there is another factor that is seriously exhausting the government, not only the Greek, but also the European one, as shown by the results of the parliamentary elections in France.

Russian President V. Putin will further strengthen himself as the winner of the Ukrainian conflict and, as the development of events shows, also in the energy game.

This creates the impression in Greek society that K. Mitsotakis eventually put the country on “wrong side of history” in fact, completely disregarding what the Greeks feel in the position he has chosen. Instead of taking a neutral stance towards Russia and Ukraine (which would be a logical choice), he decided to enter into conflict with Russia!

As everyone knows, the “right” or “wrong” side of history depends on only one thing: who wins. The events in Donbass show that it is not the West who benefits, and the consequences will become even worse in the near future.

As long as Russia wins on the battlefield and continues the war (which it will strive to do), the economic performance of European countries will plummet and, of course, in this case, those who do not have raw materials and energy will lose.

An energy crisis due to inflation and a possible new wave of pandemic create an explosive mixture that the Mitsotakis government wants to avoid and plans to do so through early elections.

The political deterioration is swift and inevitable. Everything shows that in winter these three factors will increase, which means that the authorities will be subjected to even greater pressure.

Inflation will hit 15%, debt is 394.5 billion euros, public and private debt is 635 billion euros, GDP is shrinking, not excluding a recession, and the Ukrainian conflict will make it all even more ominous.

In the meantime, let’s not forget that 44 billion euros, as aid to support the population during the pandemic, went into the air, and still no one knows how they were used.

PS In the meantime, the July 7 poll results show the gap between the ruling New Democracy and mainstream opposition left SYRIZA is narrowing to 7.2% from 8.2%, down from 9% about three weeks earlier.

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